09 Mar 2015

Issues Under Fire: Netanyahu Under Fire, Israelis Protest for Change

  Issues Under Fire: Netanyahu Under Fire, Israelis Protest for Change Watching thirty thousand strong take to the streets protesting against another term for Benjamin Netanyahu gave the world hope this weekend. With the stakes so high, many centrist and center left voices made their feelings known chanting ” Bibi you’ve

08 Mar 2015

Can TV Shows Finally Shed Light on How American Politics Work?

I woke up yesterday to find a flurry of excited posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter discussing the season three premier of “House of Cards”. Throughout the prelude to the weekend, more than 600,000 people tweeted about #houseofcards. For the uninitiated, “House of Cards” features an unrelenting Kevin Spacey

07 Mar 2015

Police Officer Slain in North Philly Gamestop Shootout

When Officer Robert Wilson III hugged his 9-year-old son before leaving the house, all he was thinking about was the smile on his son’s face that night when he returned from buying him a gift. However, little did he know that this would be their last good bye. Hours later

27 Feb 2015

Socialism is American as Apple Pie

Rudy Giuliani’s recent rant questioning President Obama’s love for his country has drawn severe criticism. While the defense of the President’s commitment to his country is laudable, there has been scant comment on Giuliani’s clarification, which was directed at Obama’s supposed socialist leanings. Giuliani’s charge that President Obama is a

20 Feb 2015

We The 21st Century People – Introduction

An open letter to my fellow citizens of the United States of America: Eleven score and nineteen years ago, our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all {men} are created equal.We are now engaged in a great political

05 Feb 2015

5 Common Investment Myths De-Mystified

When investors hesitate to invest, they limit their stock investments. Such hesitation is often caused by various misconceptions that potential investors may have about investment. If investors are to grab the available opportunities, they need to debunk these myths. Here are the myths that people often have regarding investing and

04 Feb 2015

The hot topic of immigration

Immigration is a hot topic and often controversial in nature, right? Each year, hundreds of thousands of people move to the United States in search of better opportunities as well as the “American Dream”. For a long time, the U.S. has taken pride in its rich cultural diversity because of

01 Feb 2015

Meet the civil libertarian who just joined the Senate Intelligence Committee: Mazie Hirono

Civil libertarians lamented the defeat of Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado last fall. He was one of the most outspoken members of the Select Committee on Intelligence. But his replacement on the committee – Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawai`i – is just as outspoken in raising concerns about NSA

29 Jan 2015

“Presumed Consent” vs. “Informed Consent” is a Product of the Devil!

How Governor Peter Shumlin plans to steal & sell your organs and tissues:  This proposed bill will steal peoples’ personal body organs without their informed consent, under the guise of presumed consent, upon their immediate death. http://legislature.vermont.gov/assets/Documents/2016/Docs/BILLS/H-0057/H-0057%20As%20Introduced.pdf There will be NO accountability to the taxpayers because they hide all of

28 Jan 2015

Today’s Sermon: Vermont Goes To Holy Hell! Jan. 2015

PRESUMED CONSENT OF ORGAN DONATION.  OH, REALLY? WHAT A CREEPY WAY FOR THE STATE OF Vermont TO MAKE MONEY because “presumed consent” is NOT “informed consent”! This Act shall take effect on January 2, 2016. Bill as introduced, H. 57 It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the