14 Aug 2019

Media Elites Melt Down Over Bernie Sanders’ Critique Of Washington Post

Senator Bernie Sanders clarified his critique of the Washington Post’s coverage of his presidential campaign. “We are taking on corporate America. Large corporations own the media in America, by and large, and I think there is a framework, about how the corporate media focuses on politics.” “That is my concern.

24 Nov 2014

Obama Immigration Action Is Extremely Popular With Latino Voters

President Obama’s decision to take executive action on immigration enjoys overwhelmingly support among the Latino community. According to a new poll from Latino Decisions an incredible 89 percent of registered Latino voters support Obama’s decision to provide temporary relief to millions of undocumented immigrants. In addition the poll found 80

20 Nov 2014

The First 2016 Candidate Is Jim Webb

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”350″ height=”263″ align=”right” !} In an unexpected move the first official Presidential candidate for 2016 is former Democratic Sen. Jim Webb from Virginia. He announced the launch of his exploratory committee in a letter on Webb2016. The letter begins: I’d like to take a few minutes of your

19 Nov 2014

Louisiana Senate: Mary Landrieu Way Behind in New Poll

The lone big outstanding election of 2014 is the Louisiana Senate race because of the state’s unique rules. The election which took place two weeks ago was technically an open primary and since no one got 50 percent of the vote, the general election takes place on December 6th. A

13 Nov 2014

Democrats’ Brand Sinks to Record Low

The American public’s opinion of Obama is historically bad. According to Gallup, only 36 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the Democratic party, the lowest it has ever been in Gallup’s surveys and the first time in three years that the Republican party has scored higher on favorability.

12 Nov 2014

What a Referendum on the President Looks Like

Since we have a two party political system there are two basic ways for a party to win big in an election. The first way is to put forward a positive agenda that the public agrees with and comes out to actively support on election day. The other is to

07 Nov 2014

The Elections Are All About the Letter Next to the Candidate’s Name

The big story of the 2014 election which isn’t getting enough attention is how nationalized our federal elections have become. The value of incumbency and individual candidates has been greatly diminished while the political party next to the candidate’s name carries much greater value. What really drives this point home

06 Nov 2014

Voters Really Like the Local Option

Most states give local municipalities some way to either ban or allow alcohol sales. While the overwhelming majority of localities choose to allow alcohol sales, there are still a significant number of dry counties throughout the country. Tuesday’s election proved that this level of local control over alcohol remains really

05 Nov 2014

While Democrats Did Terribly, Progressive Policies Did Very Well at the Ballot Box

Last night was very bad for Democrats on the ballot. Not only did they lose control of the Senate, but House Republicans now have their largest majority in decades. It was not though a bad election for progressive policies. Most of the progressive ballot initiatives on the ballot won. Ballot

05 Nov 2014

A Nationalized Election With a Clear Swing to the GOP

Last night was very bad for Democrats and a very good one for Republicans. At this point Republicans have picked up seven seats in the Senate and it looks like they will pick up another two when everything is over. With most of the votes counted, the Republican candidate holds