18 Dec 2010

Zack Ford – We Made It Through: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “Repealed”

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  If you haven't already heard, today was a very important victory in repeal of the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell provision. With an impressive 63 votes, the stand-alone bill achieved cloture in the US Senate this morning, and picked up 2 more Republican votes to pass

15 Dec 2010

Power That Doesn’t Listen Fails/The Starving of the LGBT Community

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  With all the lame-duck kerfuffle over repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I'll admit I've been a little uninspired when it comes to what exactly to write. I like to use this space to make sense of things, but so much of what's happened has felt so

09 Nov 2010

The New Problem of the Gaytheist

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  You don't have to like religion, practice religion, or even identify with religion to be religious. You could simply believe in God in your own way, or pray every once in a while, or even just believe in some kind of spirituality or other form of

08 Nov 2010

Bullying-Induced Suicide in My Backyard

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  When people ask where I'm from, I say I'm from Harrisburg, PA. The truth is that I actually live 25 miles northwest of Harrisburg in a tiny town called Newport. Enough people don't know where Pennsylvania's state capital is, let alone my blip on the map.

08 Nov 2010

Consider the Queer and Queerer Podcast

Hey Blenders! I wanted to take a moment for some shameless self-promotion, but my hope is that this is a resource that many of you will find valuable. About a year ago, Peterson Toscano moved to Central Pennsylvania (where I live) because his partner is a professor at a local

04 Nov 2010

No, Really. You Can NOT Change Your Sexual Orientation!

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  I spent the morning working to develop a training for the directors of some local senior centers about the unique challenges faced by LGBT elders. One of the most telling experiences about folks who are currently in their 50s or older is that they dealt with

03 Nov 2010

Yes, That Sucked, But We Go On.

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  Well, we took some blows yesterday. For a great round-up of some of the results, check out Andy Towle's. I have to say I'm very sad to see Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson go, among others. Nothing is more disturbing than the ousting of three of Iowa's Supreme

27 Oct 2010

UPDATE: Obama’s Secret Plan: Getting Republican Votes

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  Earlier today I wrote about yesterday's anything-but-secret secret meeting at the White House about Don't Ask Don't Tell. With no details forthcoming, I speculated on what really happened there, suspicious that Obama did try to score some political points but without clear answers as to what

27 Oct 2010

So What Happened At That White House DADT Meeting?

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs. We know that yesterday, a whole bunch of leaders from the LGBT movement met at the White House regarding Don't Ask Don't Tell. We know that discussing the court cases was off the table for legal reasons, though Brian Bond's "there can be no discussion of

25 Oct 2010

Powerless: All or Nothing LGBT Support of Democrats

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs.  Let's say you have a dog you are teaching how to sit. You can push her bottom down and say "Sit!" and then give her a treat. That's how you show what you want. The hope is that once she understands, she will obey for verbal