02 Sep 2014

Over Easy: How Coffee Works

So many important topics I’d like to write about, too little time. Sigh. In Lieu of a proper post, here is a video explaining how coffee works. How’s everyone doing today? Gracie did well in surgery, although she has been drugged up all weekend. She has to go back to

26 Aug 2014

Over Easy: Putin, Poroshenko and Merkel Meeting in Minsk

Ukraine disintegrated into civil war partly over disagreement about whether to join the European Union’s economic integration program, the Eastern Partnership, or to join Eurasia’s new Customs Union (CU). Today, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia will hold CU talks in Minsk, and Ukraine’s President Poroshenko is expected to attend. The CU

19 Aug 2014

Over Easy: The Mysterious Parisian Heist

Here’s an interesting story. Last Sunday, an anonymous Saudi Prince’s convoy was robbed en route to a Paris airport from a swanky, Saudi-owned luxury hotel. Police suspect the theft was a well planned, inside job because the stolen car appeared to be selected for its valuable contents. The robbers, said

12 Aug 2014

Over Easy: Russia Sending Humanitarian Convoy to East Ukraine

A Russian humanitarian aid convoy left the Moscow area last night on its way to Ukraine to deliver food, medicine and other supplies to the besieged areas of eastern Ukraine. The mission is led by the International Committee of the Red Cross and has been approved by Ukraine. An emergency

05 Aug 2014

Over Easy: Ballistic Escalation in Ukraine

A few days ago, CNN reported that the Ukrainian Army fired several short range ballistic missiles into rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine, indicating a major escalation in the war. The exact location of the launch was undisclosed as was the intended target. NATO confirmed the launch, then retracted after Kiev

29 Jul 2014

Over Easy: Some Context for MH17

The downing of MH17 is much more important than the any other aviation tragedy in recent history. We all feel compassion for the people on the plane and their surviving friends and relatives. That’s a normal human response. But if we look at the context surrounding the crash, it becomes

22 Jul 2014

Over Easy: Humans Aren’t the Only Jerks in the Animal World

The last few days have proved once again that humans are real jerks. Not to be left out, here is a compilation of animals being jerks. If I had to choose, I’d rather hang out with the animals, thankyouverymuch. Off topic welcome and lurkers must introduce us to their pets.

15 Jul 2014

Over Easy: BRICS Summit VI

Today, leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — the world’s largest emerging economies plus South Africa — will meet in Fortaleza, Brazil for the sixth BRICS summit. With a combined land mass of 25% of the earth’s surface, 40% of the world’s population, and 18% of the

08 Jul 2014

Over Easy: ISIS and the Hundred Year War

Over at the Saker’s place, Mindfriedo linked to a fascinating interview of Nabeel Naiem, former leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Naiem discusses some important background on ISIS, the relationship between Al Qaeda and ISIS, it’s funding, it’s leader Al Baghdadi, and it’s plans in Iraq and the Middle East. Below

01 Jul 2014

Over Easy

I’m betting this guy has a lot more trouble getting his pants off around a girl than putting them on hands-free for YouTube. Just sayin’. Today was meant to be a Caturday, but I couldn’t get Flickr to upload an adorable picture of Nagi. You’ll have to use your imagination