27 Apr 2007

Late Late Night: well, I guess my login still works

Howdy folks.  Patrick Rex here, filling on for TRex on the Late Late Night post. TRex really, really loves Amy Winehouse, as he has made abundantly clear here lately. I can't say I blame him… I have done a lot of session work these past few years.  I wouldn't mind

28 Sep 2006

Late Late Nite FDL: Dean Esmay Isn’t Very Bright…and We Know About that Malkin Woman

  Slapfight in the right wing blogosphere(™StBK)!!! Dean Esmay confuses pique with principle and lashes out at Michelle Malkin for being a bigot.   Yeah, I know.  Let me know when you’re done… Got it under control? Good.  Let’s examine.  The entry begins with the headline Question for Michelle Malkin:

17 Sep 2006

Sand gets in your eyes

I don’t suppose that any of us should find it surprising that Mr. Ole 60 Grit was the Warden of Poltical Reliability for PNAC on the Tigris.  These sorts of rich old white men have been using the public’s money as hog slop for the Friends and Family of the

03 Sep 2006

The United States of Scared Shitless

  This country is losing its mind.  LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Air passengers from Charlotte to Little Rock, Arkansas, had to hurry off their plane Friday after someone found a suspicious liquid on board. The flight landed at Little Rock as scheduled Friday afternoon. But about seven miles before it

03 Sep 2006

Lessons from a kitchen garden

  As a fairly infrequent contributor to FDL, I find myself more often than not just another fan in the bleachers.  It’s nice work if you can get it, actually, what with the Snarkosaurus Rex, Jane and Pach kicking ass and taking names day and night and then waking up

31 Aug 2006

Late Late Nite FDL: John Kerry is Not a Vegetable

Anyone seen a 60 foot thunderlizard around these parts? Last I heard, TRex was spotted on I-10, East of New Orleans and rumbling west. Supposedly, he had a big fishbowl tucked under one tiny arm, and the other arm extended, looking for all the world like some sort of gangly

22 Aug 2006

The New Rules for Incumbents

Hi, folks.  Patrick, twin brother of fearsome sauropod (snarkopod?) TRex, here.  I have a little experience studying electoral behavior and I have been doing some thinking about how the netroots (does anyone mind if I call them the ToobzRoots from now on?) have affected the electoral playing field and incumbency. 

09 Jun 2006

Late Nite FDL: Rise, rise and rise…

So, as many of the frequent commenters here know, I am TRex’s twin brother.  We were born five minutes apart, and we have been moving in different directions ever since.  He does the classical music show on the local public radio station, I play drums in Music Hates You.  He