18 Mar 2010

Participants Needed for HUD’s First Ever Housing Discrimation Study

From an email: WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today launched a new website to allow citizens to offer comment on the design of an unprecedented national study that will examine housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. While there have been no national

12 Mar 2010


You've heard of mini-DOMAs, the laws enacted in most states that mimics the federal DOMA amendment, right? Well, I am here to introduce “Mini-minorities.” That is, a Religious Right's use of minority pawns to polarize minorities within minorty communities. Follow me? This type of thing is nothing new but it is

10 Feb 2010

We’re Stuck and We Can’t Get Out!

  In the last year we have seen the worst conservative backlash in recent history: NO! to Healthcare reform. NO! to DADT. NO! to peanut butter and jelly… but you know what? They are causing a big enough stink to actually have a large chance at a take over of the

20 Jan 2010

New Hampshire Opponents Look to Repeal Marriage

(Concord, NH) Three weeks after the state legalized gay marriage, opponents are asking a House committee to repeal the law and let voters amend the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Read full AP story here Contact the NH lesgislature: house_communications@leg.state.us.nh Contact Master Bates: David

11 Jan 2010

Abortion doctor killer allowed to plea manslaughter

Sedgwick County Judge Warren Wilbert is allowing Scott Roeder, the man who committed premeditated murder against abortion doctor George Tiller, to plea manslaughter.  The judge agrees it is possible Roeder fully believed he was saving unborn children, therefore granting him a chance to literally get away with murder. It is much like claiming

05 Jan 2010

EXTREMELY URGENT: Should Prop 8 trial be televised?

This mailing was sent by the Courage Campaign – please pass on to all you know! : This is extremely urgent and extremely important. U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker — who will be overseeing a federal court challenge to Prop 8 starting this Monday (January 11) — is considering whether or

16 Dec 2009

Peter LaBarbera Gets His Feelings Hurt

Supposedly today AFTAH leader Peter LaBabera received a hateful letter from “KFED” that said, “YOU will BURN IN HELL for spewing your garbage water and spreading hatred through this world. Thank GOD your views ar a DYING BREED because gay rights ARE HERE FOREVER! We will all enjoy each other's company in

10 Dec 2009

Bruce Springsteen Backs Gay Marriage

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen released a statement on his website in support of same-sex marriages in New Jersey and everywhere!

01 Dec 2009

Please write the Discovery Health Channel !

DHC's Pregnant and Transgendered show is an amazing look at a beautiful family. Please drop them a note and let them know you appreciate their sensitive, not sensational production of this program! Discovery Health Channel

23 Nov 2009

GLBTQ community needs to take que from Chris Matthews

Admittedly, I am not a big Chris Matthews fan but tonight I tuned in to his show just in time to see him give a good butt whipping to Reverend Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island on the issue of “moral morality” and government laws. Rhode Island Democrat Rep. Patrick Kennedy