15 Sep 2011

2% have money, 98% have knowledge

 While reading a post and answers I happened upon the query of ” if the 2% have all of the wealth,  what is the 98% supposed to do?”. I continued to read on down through the comments while considering the question. Maybe we have been trained to believe we are

28 Aug 2011

Pipelines taught me how to cuss.

I grew up on a big farm. I was seven or eight at the time . My Dad had been out in one of the fields and had walked home after his tractor had became stuck. He had been going through the field when his tractor sank over a location

22 Jul 2011

Obama Diet Plan For Seniors

It is so thrilling to realize that after Obama is finished with his big plan I will only be able to eat everyother day of the month. Why he felt the need to throw seniors under the bus is a mystery to me. Of course he said that we all