17 Jun 2010

Democracy is Dead in America: Alvin Greene Wins Again without even Showing Up in Spite of All the Evidence Presented

Alvin Greene is the Democratic Party nominee for the United States Senate from the state of South Carolina and again, he never even showed up.

15 Jun 2010

The Sinking of the Cheonan: We Are Being Lied To

It is clear that we are being lied to and manipulated into believing that North Korea is behind the sinking of the South Korean vessel, the Cheonan.

13 Jun 2010

One Minute to Midnight; No More Compromise

We can take control of our future and the futures of our children but there are no more Smedley Butlers left to rely on. Instead, we must look to the examples from our south and we must look to the conviction within our own hearts. We will either live up to the charge left to us by our forefathers or we will become known as the generation of Americans who finally allowed democracy to fall. There is no safe way to end this there is no easy path. You cannot vote your way to freedom nor can you count on a candidate of “CHANGE”.

12 Jun 2010

Picked to Lose 4: Alvin Greene and The Amazing Technicolor Voting Machine

The only thing that counts is service to the corporate industries and the banks that rule over us all. They don’t need to serve you, they just have to LOOK like they care about your wishes… they have to campaign and go through the motions, but in the end it’s their service to the Neoliberal Party that matters.

12 Jun 2010

Picked to Lose 3: Alvin Greene Holds a Degree in Political Science… and Doesn’t Know What an “Indictment” Is?

Alvin Greene is pretending to be an idiot; it’s an act. He is doing it because someone doesn’t want a strong populist democrat like Vic Rawls running against Jim DeMint in South Carolina for his seat in the United States Senate.

11 Jun 2010

Picked to Lose 2: Alvin “Forrest Gump” Greene Goes to Washington

Alvin Greene Stars as Forrest Gump in this poorly acted remake of Mr. Smith (Tries to) Go to Washington (kinda)

10 Jun 2010

Picked to Lose: The Alvin Greene Story

He had no buttons, no posters, not even a campaign slogan. He never even ran an ad in his $10,400 bid for the U.S. Senate Democratic primary race in South Carolina and yet he claims that the 60% of the vote he got was certainly “not by chance”.

09 Jun 2010

Electronic Voting Scam Hijacks Another Primary Election for the Business Party and their Neoliberal Agenda

In South Carolina something happened that is supposed to make us believe that in America, anything can happen. That a relative unknown can rise up and challenge the status quo just so long as we “get out the vote”. You see? it is a “free” country…

But it’s a lie.