28 Feb 2015

Shut Down #HomanSquare – Chicago_Police Black Site [Update: #Reparations Now! this evening]

Update: marym has been updating #Reparations Now! for the many victims of sociopath Jon Burge’s torture in Chicago jails, including their false confessions leading to convictions under his torture….at about comment #30. This post is a bit slapdash, and for that I apologize ahead of time, but: Real life needs

26 Feb 2015

The Red Nation and Allies to Demand ABQ Abolish Columbus Day [Updated with Event Photos]

Abolish Columbus Day Rally, Fri. 2/27 @ 4:30 pm @ #ABQ City Hall pic.twitter.com/Q2xdSyafON — Nick Estes (@nick_w_estes) February 22, 2015 From nativenewsonline.net: ‘ALBUQUERQUE — A newly formed group called Red Nation, which consists of a group of American Indians and allies, will go to the City of Albuquerque’s city

18 Feb 2015

Ferguson Area Black Class Action Suits and Other Killed by Police Issues

(It’s a bit long, but I’ve been collecting links for about ten days now.) (Or you can read the transcript; sorry, but I can’t manage to embed the video no matter now many ways I try.)

06 Feb 2015

Abu Ghraib and the Hebdo Cartoons

Recently I’d bumped into this documentary produced by Javed Khan Dawlatzai, featuring commentary by former ACLU attorney Amrit Singh, now a human rights lawyer for the National Security and Counterterrorism program at the Open Society Justice Initiative.  It includes (at the time) new photos and short videos of torture inside

02 Feb 2015

Police Restraint? Roorda Rumbles, Bratton Aims Machine Guns at Protestor ‘Terrorists’

(I’d originally opened with this photo-shopped image of Jeff Roorda’s right hand covered with blood, his prohibited-by-the St. Louis PD ‘I am Darren Wilson‘ bracelet just above it.  I’ve decided that it’s gratuitously hideous, and given that there is a compendium of horrific true-life images that I would like readers

22 Jan 2015

ABQ DA Charges Two Cops with the Murder of James Boyd; Police & Friends Take Revenge

First I’d like to offer sincere props to the brave and committed anti-police brutality activists who have risked so much with their relentless pressure by way of civil disobedience in order to stop the killings by APD cops and change the culture of the most lethal cops by far in

19 Jan 2015

A Good #ReclaimMLK and #MLKShutItDown Day to You

A year ago on Martin Luther King Day we had a good discussion about ‘Restoring Socialist Visionary Radical Martin Luther King’.  This year the many activists involved in the anti-police brutality and murders of citizens, including #BlackLivesMatter and related affinity groups and hashtags, have spent the week Reclaiming King and

16 Jan 2015

Gloriously Happening Now: #3rdworld4BlackPower is locking down Oakland Federal Building #MLKshutitdown

BREAKING: #MLKShutItDown #3rdWorld4BlackPower @ Oakland Federal building for the next 4 hrs and 28 mins Activists from Asian, Arab, Latino orgs locked in front of #Oakland Fed Bldg White allies holding down the other side of the federal building #3rdworld4blackpower pic.twitter.com/4QUVG2SEAu — karissa (@sunshinekarissa) January 16, 2015 OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Third

12 Jan 2015

$1.1 Trillion Crime-nibus Budget Bill Creates Future Financial and Other Horrors for Me and Thee

First up: Michael Hudson’ ‘Playing the Pension Funds’.  (By the by, if you can identify the painter of the piece behind him, I’d love to know.)  This isn’t as long as it looks…okay, maybe it is…     If you’d prefer to read the transcript, it’s here.  The spoiler: the

08 Jan 2015

CO Man Cleared of Four Charges of Assault on a ‘Peace Officer’

And now that you know the ending, allow me to tell you the story… Christmas came early for Shane French of Cortez, Colorado, and on Dec. 8 he was found not guilty of four counts of felony assault on a peace officer, and three counts of resisting arrest.  One of