22 Nov 2012

The Island

There is a metaphor we use in our groups, called the island. The island is basically a metaphor for disconnection. It is the physical and emotional act of “not being present”, We can put ourselves “on the island” by being in our head, or getting drunk or buzzed, by isolating

03 Jan 2012

Let’s try a Dialectical Approach with Obama

Right now on on this web site there are at least two Obama diaries at odds with each other. One skewers Obama, and the other piles on the admiration. The same occurs in discussions about Ron Paul. The comments on each are a fury of emotions. Twenty years of counseling

11 Nov 2011

The Real Power of Peace

As Occupy Wall Street protests bubble up and pop like popcorn across the land. It occurred to me, that there are rare times in history when talking about the power of peace is a conversation that might be heard. As a little girl during the 70’s my interest in the

24 Sep 2011

Football coach saves Drowing girl.

This was written in response to a diary about the impact of teachers by Ruth Calvo. Someone suggested I share this, as part of a request by my dear DW Bartoo, inviting people to share their stories. I have written several diaries about me and my husband’s experiences with labor

06 Sep 2011

Union Life: Sitting the bench.

I have written several diaries on union life. One in the dead of the winter when my husband was working long days in sub zero temps and afraid to complain of the cold. The other was written last summer, when he was working during a hot streak, when the foremen

20 Jun 2011

Two Nuclear Power Plants Flooding in the Midwest.

Last night, there was a two foot surge in river level at the Brownville Nuclear power plant just south of Omaha Nebraska. The plant came within inches of having to be shut down http://www.kctv5.com/news/28294414/detail.html It has now declared an “Unusual event at nuclear power plant”. At this time, both the

19 Jun 2011

This economy and a father that would not give up.

Today is father’s day. A day when we think about what it means to be a dad. A day when we reflect on how our lives have been impacted by our fathers. A day when we recognize what an important contribution father’s make to the development of a human being.

13 Mar 2011

Wanted: Emotional Intelligence

Name calling. Intimidation. Coercion. King of the castle. Using money. Minimize, deny and blame. Treating people as objects. The silent treatment, withdrawing our participation and affection. Lying. These concepts are taken from the Duluth model of domestic violence, but are not meant to endorse all of those principles. The use

27 Jan 2011

Another Day in the Blue Collar Life

Fear. Today’s post is about fear. How it eats at you. My husband isn’t worried about whether his boss invited him to a golf date. He’s not worried about a merger, or whether or not his boss liked his work. Nope. Last night he was worried about his life. Again.

21 Jan 2011

The Blue Collar Life

This is the blue collar life. These guys aren’t blogging or writing letters to the editor. They are trying to survive. And like the tribal people, American Indians, with the secrets of the ages, these men and women are a dying breed, they know things; they know how to build a city. They know the true cost of a war. They know things. I can’t help but think and hope that some day the tables might be turned…on the men in the suits.