30 Sep 2011

Anwar Al-Awlaki’s “Story of the Bull”

    Anwar   Al-Awlaki  was killed today like so many others without a trial.  Al-Awlaki like most of the others our government have forced to “give up the ghost”  was Muslim,  of Arabic descent, and labeled a Terrorist.   The thing that is different  looking through  “exceptional” American eyes is

28 Sep 2011

No Place Else to Go!

Question: What do Blacks and Liberals have in common? Answer: They both have no place else to go! In my mind Obama (like most politicians before him) is behaving in a way that is totally predictable. Remember back when he tried to reach out to the “ex-working class White independent

23 Sep 2011

Why They Fight!

While watching the smug face of the Israeli ambassador as he confidently declared, “President Abbas will come to the UN, make his statements and go home; it will be a happy day” I could not help but think, “now there is a man who thinks variables can be tamed!” Reality

17 Sep 2011

Dead Zone

Over the years living behind the “New Iron Curtain” we have become accustom and even ( dare I say) complacent with a certain amount of censorship. Some even go so far as to say, “there are things we should not know”. Like “Mafia Wives”, we for a time enjoyed the

13 Sep 2011

Ron Paul Exposes the Heart of the Tea Party

No political strategy can be seriously considered until we understand the character of who we are dealing with. While watching the CNN Republican Tea Party Express Presidential debate last night I saw all pretense of civility stripped away to expose America’s dark cold heart! Trust me people, it wasn’t pretty.

09 Sep 2011

Plain Sight

You guys are starting to scare me!  It’s like waking up among the “pod people”, where everyone around me has been converted to Obamabots and I hide in the shadows, hoping not to be noticed. Maybe  I listened to a different speech the other night than everyone else?  I heard

03 Sep 2011

N.C.I.S., N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., S.W.A.T., D.E.A., C.S.I…

My wife is a big fan of the TV show NCIS (Naval Command Investigation Services) and the long running program CSI. For years I have marveled at the shear volume of cop shows,  special investigation situation dramas, and now  “homeland security” dramas.  Special Agent (fill in the blank) has become

30 Aug 2011

“Don’t bogart that government Tit, my friend Pass it over to me!”

Consider the last Republican sweep of the House and the Governorships of Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Virgina: Personally, I think it was White working class America loosing their collective minds at the sight of a Black President. Look a little deeper, and ask who voted for these corporate stooges?  In

23 Aug 2011

King, Clapton, Guy and Vaughan Some Serious Picking

One of the best Blues “grooves” I have ever had the pleasure of listening to: “Rock me Baby, Like my back An’t got no bone!” For a guy like me with chronic lower back pain that might not such a good idea.

19 Aug 2011

The Consistency of Ron Paul

In 2007 The American Arab Institute in Dearborn MI invited all of the presidential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties to their conference, but only one had the chutzpah to show up. Say what you will about Ron Paul, but the man is consistent. Obama while campaigning in