31 Jul 2014

Embarrassing the USA: Contrast Corporate MSM Coverage of ISIS in Iraq With Gaza

The obvious omissions with corporate MSM start with their failures to criticize years and years of ignorant Republican policy statements. “Arm the Syrian rebels” has been Republican dogma since 2010. They all want a piece of this issue, fantasizing that they will be the next Senator Bob Dole getting an

28 Jul 2014

Shi’ia Army Retakes Tikrit, Kills 300 Sunni ISIS Raiders. Ignored by Corporate MSM

There’s two news stories here. The war in Iraq continues unabated, which will surprise no one. Islamic State of Syria and al-Sham controls northwest Iraq while a regular army organized by Major General Qassim Suleimani focuses on actions at Samarra and Tikrit.  A fresh, modern Battle of Tikrit has been

20 Jul 2014

Wargamer “Panzerblitz” Scenario: Shi’ia Army Counterattacks ISIS in Iraq, September 2014

Can’t any of these guys play the game ??? We are all of three months from John McCain and Lindsey Graham calling for America to arm the Syrian rebels. Not one mention of ISIS. Then we got American Enterprise Institute going all NeoCon with “A plan to save Iraq from

29 May 2014

Did the Russians Plunder NSA Computers Prior to Edward Snowden ?

Edward Snowden was never debriefed by Russian intelligence personnel. That is a small detail, but still the most surprising part of what he told Brian Williams. It seems odd, at first, as you would think that the Russians would want to get what they could from him. In normal circumstances

26 Feb 2014

“Legal Abortion Is A Personal Right” is the New Conservatism

Social conservatives have generated quite the backlash recently with ads that slam date rape drugs along with marijuana. One unintended effect has been to identify abortion as a prime defense against the unintended pregnancies caused by chemical attacks. Same time, just under 1% of pregnant girls think that they are

17 Oct 2013

Hoaxes 101: How Birchers Game Voters and Elect Tea Party Extremists

The Senate and House votes to reopen the government and avoid Federal financial default gave us a hard look at the GOP’s “Die Hard !!” elected extremists. The Senate came in with 18 wack-jobs; the House showed up with 189 for the initial vote, then 144 for the final. These

30 Sep 2013

How Right Wing Propaganda Emulates Auditory Hallucinations

They hear their “voices.” The deep baritone thug-tones of the Limbaughs and O’Reillys. The factless, non-rational arguments that populate the virtual world of “catfished” conservatives. Of course the aim is social control — reality testing is discouraged as the targets are compelled to carry on mindlessly: “Receive, Remember, Apply !”

13 Aug 2013

FBI and NSA Risk Analysis Commission appointment urged

There is a risk from terrorism. It is less than 1% of the risk that comes with government overreaction to terrorism. Usama bin Laden knew that — it’s why he participated in the 9/11 attacks. But what are the overall risks of overreaction? we need a commission to sort these

21 Jul 2013

Today’s Car Dealerships Echo the 2000’s Mortgage Massacre

Occupy Security and Occupy SEC focus on capitalism’s vulnerabilities to organized criminal action. What America saw with houses in the 2000s, you will see today with automobile sales. This includes the top brands and the large dealerships. Wall Street’s ethical pollution has spread out. Car dealerships as an example of

22 Jun 2013

Tank Man, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden

Keep It Simple, Stupid. Those are the three guys who have done the most to show us what has happened to the world. Give credit to Pussy Riot. They’re girls and they did all they could. Mohamed Bouazizi will be invoked for centuries. There’s a couple hundred deserving souls in