08 Jul 2009

Anyone else here heard about the New American Independent Party?

I think I have found myself a new political party, for someone who is a moderate liberal, and who remembers the somewhat seedy history of the Democratic party when it was more right than left and still doesn't trust them, who was a registgered Republican probably because my family was,

02 Jul 2009

BBC News Reporting Gay Sex No Longer Criminal In India!

From the BBC News South Asia Bureau: July 1, 2009 A court in the Indian capital, Delhi, has ruled that homosexual intercourse between consenting adults is not a criminal act. The ruling overturns a 148-year-old colonial law which describes a same-sex relationship as an “unnatural offence”. Homosexual acts were punishable

28 Jun 2009

Dallas Voice, JaySays, DymSum LGBTQnews Report Ft. Worth Police Raid on Gay Bar

Update:  Story now on  Star Telegram: http://www.star-telegram.com/local/story/1458523.html Ft. Worth Councilman Joel Burns statement on Ft. Worth News 33:  http://www.the33tv.com/news/kdaf-rainbow-lounge-reax,0,2236367.story Box Turtle Bulletin now reporting story from Dallas Voice http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2009/06/28/12635 From LGBTQ News:  Police in Fort Worth, Texas marked the 40th anniversary of the police raid on a gay bar in

21 Jun 2009

The Anti-Gay Industry Is Now Bearing The Fruits Of Their Work

 cross posted from Blogging for Truth Several reports this year have shown a marked increase in violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and especially Transgender persons. The most recient comes from The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs 2008 Hate Violence Report: New York – Violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

21 Jun 2009

Maine anti gay petition effort questioned

There have been some reports in Maine that the signiture gatherers hired by and volunteering for the anti gay marriage petion are using lies and bait and switch to gather them. (imagine that!) Hopefully as word gets out, folks won't be so inclined to fall for it.  According to an

18 Jun 2009

Senate votes to apologe for slavery and “Jim Crow” today.

InterstateQ has posted The U.S. Senate will debate a resolution, Senate Concurrent Resolution 26, apologizing for slavery and “Jim Crow” today. While we have already appoligized to those American Citizens who were imprisioned during WWII for being of Japanese decent, our nation has never apologized for using our fellow human

18 Jun 2009

Vt. Senator Shumlin skips democratic party fundraiser to protest DOMA memo

Just reported by the Times Argus.com: MONTPELIER [VT] — Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin has decided not to go to a large Democratic National Committee fundraiser next week to protest a U.S. Justice Department memo related to gay marriage. “One thing I have learned dealing with marriage equality in

17 Jun 2009

Nevada’s GOP Senator Ensign: Defender of Marriage as long as it isn’t his

UPDATE, from NY DAILY NEWS: Me thinks he did protest too much……. Sen. John Ensign quit an influential GOP leadership post Wednesday as questions swirled around his extramarital affairs. Known as a critic of other pols' peccadilloes, Ensign was forced to admit he had an affair with ex-campaign staffer Cindy

14 Jun 2009

A book review, sort of…….

I don't know how this information could be used to achieve anything in our fight, but I have thought that our fight against the anti-gays is really a bigger fight against bigotry in any form.  I have wondered from time to time if those who fight the hardest against us

31 May 2009

Nevada Passes Domestic Partnership Law

Nevada Legislature Rebukes Gibbons Veto – Domestic Partnership a Reality in Nevada!!!!! From Your Gay Reno.com Assembly follows Senate in Reversing Governor's Veto of SB 283 By: Sam Olson May 31, 2009 In an 11th hour, 28-14 vote, the Nevada Assembly reversed Jim Gibbons gubernatorial veto of SB 283, Nevada's