16 Feb 2015

The Media and the NRA hate White People

Rural American Gun Accidents are deadlier than Chicago Street Gangs? Just how much ya all drink? Smoke? Etc while you play with your guns? Nobody is that clumsy.

16 Feb 2015

Rep Ryan’s Inner City Culture comment was reviewed by Politifact

Politifact’s rating the truth about political claims leaves much to be desired for example the Title  of the article In Context: Were Paul Ryan’s poverty comments a ‘thinly veiled racial attack’ Was obviously intended to attract readers who were interested to know whether  Rep Ryan’s  comments   were racist. However Politifact  in

25 Dec 2014

New Navy Lasers a joke so is Israel’s Iron Dome. On Us we paid for the damm things

Four Israeli civilians – Israeli citizens, and a Thai worker – have been killed so far in the Gaza war. However, fewer civilians were killed during the 2008-2009 Israeli offensive in Gaza, dubbed Operation Cast Lead, before the missile defence system was operationally deployed.

25 Dec 2014

Police statistics, Psychopaths and is Jeb Bush half the man half the Civil Rights crusader his father was?/s

The first President Bush at least had the courage to go against his own party despite the public perception of him being a wimp ( Doonesbury Cartoon Bush was a Waffle ). and tried the cops in the Rodney King case on Federal Charges.

Something Obama so far has refused to do because he is to busy telling us we are a Nation of Laws and that we should not protest when cops shoot people and never even go to trial, how can you be a nation of laws without trials? I wonder if Jeb Bush would support Darren Wilson, Timothy Loehmann etc being tried by the Feds does Jeb have half the Stones of his Dad, Obama so far does not.

18 Dec 2014

What to expect from a flood of Cuban refugees

I don’t see Cuba rushing to send their poor students to Charter schools. I don’t see the rich who support charter schools like Bill Gates sending their kids to Charter schools I think Cuban refugees very well might go back to Cuba to raise their kids after they get live here a few years. I don’t think the American ego could take that but can you imagine how people would react if Cubans who grew up in America decide to start moving back to Cuba after they visit Cuba assuming relations with Cuba get better and allow for free travel between the countries.

14 Dec 2014

Did Citibank bets on Fracking go bad is that why they pushed Congress to bail out Derivatives?

Citibank as of Dec 10 2014 is claiming that Bank of America is wrong Citibank is instead claiming that the US Shale Industry ( Fracking for Oil) can make money at around $40 a barrel.

Just this Sept. 23 Ed Morse, Citigroup Inc.’s head of global commodities research in New York, said by phone . Oil from shale formations costs $50 to $100 a barrel to produce.

02 Dec 2014

A possible explanation for what happened in Ferguson

Please bear with me and read the following statement and write down if you agree or disagree before you read any further.

…when a child is shown a comic book that he has not read and is asked to pick out the bad man, he will unhesitatingly pick out types according to the stereotyped conceptions of race prejudice, and tell you the reason for his choice. “Is he an American?” “No!”[3]

07 Nov 2014

Latest on Flush Rush ClearChannel now IHeartMedia $20.48 billion in debt

October 28, 2014 SAN ANTONIO — Radio and billboard giant iHeartMedia Inc. is selling two San Antonio buildings, including its headquarters, to raise about $30 million in a “liquidity” move, executives revealed Tuesday. CC Media Holdings Inc or ClearChannel home of Rush Limbaugh changed its name to iHeartMedia we suspect

28 Oct 2014

Bob Dold, Bruce Rauner, Rep. Paul Ryan all trying to run to the Left on the issues?

On abortion Voted YES on banning federal health coverage that includes abortion. (May 2011) Opposes prohibiting human embryonic stem cell research. (Aug 2010) Opposes federal abortion funding. (Aug 2010) I consider myself pro-choice. (Nov 2010) I don’t know how he considers himself to be pro choice maybe he has also

27 Oct 2014

Public School kids outscore Private and Christen School kids in Math.

The fastest growing segment of the private school sector, conservative Christian schools,

were also the lowest performing, trailing public schools by more than 10 points at grades