23 Jul 2011

Late Night: Monster Grandmas Destroy Western Civilization!!!

Starting at midnight EST, the first official same-sex marriages will take place in New York.

20 Jul 2011

Late Night: Well, Son, I Say, I Do Declare, Shut the HECK Up

There are many rooms in the House of Wingnut Prose. Each is squalid and awful, yet each possesses its distinct redolence, from the billowy fumes of the Den of Goldbergian Flatulence, to the bitter stench of the Chamber of Malkinesque Resentment. And then we have the Hall of Incompetent Bombast,

16 Jul 2011

Late Night: The Feel-Aggrieved Whine of the Summer!

The Lame-Stream Media has of course been waging an all-out attempt to discredit Sarah Palin and make her look like a vicious dingaling, employing underhanded tactics such as showing footage of her talking. The most recent instance of anti-Palin LSM venom would be the attempt on the part of the

13 Jul 2011

Late Night: And Then Cantor Said, “Actually, I’m a Broom”

I would not say that Our National Discourse has degraded to the level of Springer/Lake. Hell, Springer/Lake references are already what, 20 years old? But is there any real difference between a classic Springer episode, or, like, Wrestlemania, and the Debt Wrestlemania? No. We have not wanted for spectacle in

09 Jul 2011

Late Night: Where O Where Has Her Little Mind Gone?

In a post wherein Ann Althouse squawks she is not at all interested in our “Eli” — apart from, one supposes, this particular post, wherein she squawks about our “Eli” — Althouse intriguingly declares: People who are immersed in politics ought to take a good look at their own minds.

06 Jul 2011

Late Night: Our Debauched Nation & The Soft Sexual Option

Over at that cesspit of morality, Townhall, Armstrong “Integrity” Williams identifies a Desperate National Crisis. These are questionable times in our country’s heralded history. The current Congress remains grid locked on nearly every issue of the day, unable to move even basic legislation regarding public safety, transportation, even the Post

02 Jul 2011

Late Night: Al Gore Didn’t Lose. Everyone Did.

Walter Russell Mead has delivered himself of yet another wet shart of vacuous attempted character assassination of Al Gore.

29 Jun 2011

Late Night: Legalizing Gay Marriage in New York Dooms Gay Marriage in New York

The legalization of gay marriage in New York has inevitably doomed gay marriage in New York and is a devastating defeat for liberal gay rights activists. If you failed to grasp this truth through intuitive ratiocination that is because you lack the clear-eyed perspicacity and flashing insight displayed by Townhall

25 Jun 2011

Late Night: Gay Comes for the Archbishop

I’m not ashamed of my hometown: you grow up working class, and you understand working, and class, and if you can keep your eyes open, that’s a gift.

22 Jun 2011

Late Night: Gay Albanee

So my beloved home state, New York, looks poised to become the 6th state to allow gays to marry. Which is perfectly shocking. I mean, whoever would have thought we’d be less gay than frickin’ Iowa? But anyhow, hey, it’s a win! To be sure, it’s not a done deal