25 Feb 2011

Class Warfare in America: Middle Class vs. Middle Class

What does it say about our society when we turn on the very people who we grew up trusting, learning from, and depending on? Why is it that during these tough economic times, we have chosen to focus our wrath on those who are just like us: our friends and

19 Nov 2010

NPR: Good Night and Good Luck

Karma is indeed a bitch. And that’s why the first casualty of the new, Republican-led congress may be one of the most trusted information networks in the nation.

11 Nov 2009

Re-Branding Health Care Reform

For several months now, the battle over health care reform has raged, not only on Capitol Hill, but on Main Street. The divide between the two sides — Right and Left, public option and less government, those who think it’s worth the money and those who think it’s too much money — could be easily filled with a little creative branding.

13 Aug 2009

One Thing Obama Can’t Change

Do the constant headlines about continued abuses by the financial industry (Wall Street, banking, insurance) make you think that the bailout was a handout, with no substantial change taking place? Obama may be able to change a lot of things in this country, be he won’t change Wall Street.