22 Oct 2009

The President Gets Tough on Wall Street; Bankers Whine

Somehow Wall Street thinks that taxpayers subsidizing $3,000 brunches is in everyone’s interest.

07 Oct 2009

Pro-Life Democrats Take Anti-Life Stand (Updated With Response from DFLA)

I resigned my membership in Democrats for Life of America today.

03 Oct 2009

Mr. President, We Worked for You, Now You Must Work for Us

The White House apparently can’t be bothered to make phone calls to important Senators on the public option.

01 Oct 2009

The Beginnings of an Acceptable Compromise

In its current form, it’s really bad. But if it becomes slightly more progressive, Cantwell’s amendment has lots of promise.

01 Oct 2009

The White House Has a Problem With Its Base

They can no longer take us for granted.