03 Nov 2013

Caturday – Occasional Edition

Good morning, pups and kitteh fans! Apologies to all the kitteh lovers: Looks like I put the publish time on my draft too late–the site must have already been in process of shutting down for maintenance. I found out about the going off=line when I started my draft, late, as

30 Oct 2013

Southern Dragon Memorial – One Year

Well, folks, it turns out it’s a lot harder than I expected to write a memorial to our late larger-than-life friend, Southern Dragon, also known IRL as Richard. I’ve been trying for awhile, and nothing seems quite right. I hope you will all help with your contributions. To start at

23 Jul 2013

Over Easy Tuesday

Good morning, Over Easiers! So, what’s good to talk about today? I thought Box Turtle might bring up this. I keep wondering if the pilots – probably young – actually knew that the Great Barrier Reef is endangered? Or a World Heritage Site? Have you all heard about the group

02 Jul 2013

Over Easy Tuesday Mix-it-Up

Well, good morning Over Easy-ers! I may not be up when this posts, but I will try. Looks like a busy work week coming up, so I’ll drop in and out. Got some errands to, a bunch of phone calls to make, and some research and writing due as well.

03 Feb 2013

Pull Up Your Cat

Well, good morning, kitteh persons! I’m filling in for Peggy today, as she’s recuperating from some minor medical thingy that requires her to stay horizontal more than vertical for a little while. That’s cool, I love PUYC, as I’m sure all you regulars know. Please be sure to tell us

25 Jan 2013

Over Easy – Friday Free-for-All

Good morning, easy over pups! Once again, I’m subbing for msmolly, and plan to throw out some stuff I’ve discovered this week for discussion. Or not, if you have better stuff…entirely possible. It’s Free-for-All, after all. First up, did y’all know that Arizona had an “Anti-Alien Act” all the way

17 Jan 2013

Over Easy Thursday: Free Speech

Good morning firepups! There’s a good chance that I am still asleep as you read this, due to the magic of the fdl pre-scheduling a myFDL diary. I am still being a night owl, natural tendency aggravated by the continuing blockage of one ear or another, making me deaf to

02 Jan 2013

Over Easy – Family Matters

Good morning, on this second day of 2013! Have you noticed what word 2013 spells backwards? Lisa Derrick brought this to our attention New Year’s Night Scroll down to the third picture. Okay,so maybe that isn’t exactly a family story…but it was irresistible. This one certainly is a family topic.

04 Nov 2012

Pull Up Your Cat

Good morning, Caturdenizens. How’s everybody? Yes, well, I know. Consider this an open thread for kitteh talk and reminiscences: of our original creator and host, Southern Dragon, real name Richard de Berry. I doubt that we could help ourselves, right? Feel free to include reminiscences of furry loved ones who’ve

16 Sep 2012

Pull Up a Cat or: The Great Sunday Cat Show

PULL UP A CAT or THE GREAT AND FABULOUS SUNDAY CAT SHOW   Morning, kitteh-loving Firepups!  It’s my pleasure to be hosting today, and crossing my fingers for everything going right.  I’ve got a couple of videos for you, but for copyright reasons, I may have to just link to