12 Jan 2009

My Wife Won 2 Golden Tickets!

Someone hand me a paper bag, stat. My lovely limbo-wife received a phone call Sunday morning from Senator Harry Reid's office. They told her she had been selected by . . lottery . . for inauguration tickets!   Gahhhhhhhhh. . . WHOOPEEEEEEEE! [Look for us with our backs turned to

12 Nov 2008

Attention Las Vegas Blenders!

HELP! I've been in contact with Vegas' local LGBT group. At this point they are NOT setting up a 10:30 am PST city hall rally Saturday. They are doing something else later in the day. Which is missing the point of having a synchronized, coordinated nationwide rally. My wife and

23 Oct 2008

Election Night Pie Party

With all the talk from Obama about pie, I think I'll have an election night pie party. Sweet Potato Pie comes to mind. Anyone have recipe suggestions? Or alternatively, what pie(s) will you be serving at your election night party? Mmmmmm, pie……. 

16 Oct 2008

BREAKING NEWS: McCain Makes True Statement During Final Debate

During the final debate, in speaking on the topic of subjecting SCOTUS nominees to a Roe v. Wade litmus test, Senator McCain made a true assertion about Senator Obama's voting record regarding a particular SCOTUS associate justice. McCain said that Obama did not vote to confirm Justice Stephen J. Breyer.

14 Oct 2008

“McCain Transition Chief Aided Saddam in Lobbying Effort”

Just up at Huffington Post. Oh wow. McCain's dilemma: Bring up Bill Ayers at the debate and have this thrown back at him to explain, or don't bring up Ayers and have his “base” go ballistic that he went back on his word.

11 Oct 2008

I Cried My Last Tears Yesterday

Al Giordano shared this, from The Field.     Now, I am far from being a religious person. But as someone raised in the South, and a 2d class LGBTQI citizen, Al's post and the video resonate with me. 

08 Oct 2008

Donna Brazile won’t sit at the back of the bus

Anna at Jezebel had this up today, October 7, 2008.

16 Sep 2008

Please Halp! Recommendations for Current Movies?

Hi, everybody! First diary here at PHB. At the risk of jumping away from politics for the moment (seriously my friend, my brain is in overloaded), do y'all have recommendations (for or against) currently running movies? I would like to take my wife out on a movie date Saturday in