17 Dec 2010

Too Afraid to Protest

As many Blenders will know, over the last few months there have been protests throughout England at the decision by the new ConDem coalition to increase student fees for UK universities by 100% to 200%, making Britain’s universities the most expensive in Europe. Despite how they have been presented in

07 May 2010

The UK General Election Outcome & It’s Impact on LGBT Rights.

The UK’s general election is now over and the dust in beginning to settle, and the shape of the House of Commons is interesting to say the least. For those who read my other piece from a few days ago, Philippa Stroud lost in Sutton and Cheam by 3.5%. I

04 May 2010

Top Tory Adviser Ran Prayer Group to “Heal” LGBTS

Last Sunday the UK's Observer newspaper, the sister paper of the Guardian, ran an article about how ”Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to 'cure' gay people”. I have some personal experience of the case, since I was a resident on the project she founded, although by the

10 Apr 2010

Gay man shortlisted to become next Episcopalian bishop of Utah.

Expect multiple fundie explosions in 5… 4… 3… 2… From the Salt Lake Tribune: Utah could become only the third Episcopal diocese with an openly gay bishop. The Rev. Michael L. Barlowe — who married his partner, the Rev. Paul Burrows, in San Francisco in 2008, just before the fractious

24 Mar 2010

Be Afraid

This is the man who wants to be the next British Prime Minister. This is Tony Bliar Mk. II, the mastermind behind the Tories shock victory in 1992, and the self-crowned saviour of the Conservative party. This is the ostensibly enlightened, gay-friendly David Cameron giving an interview to the Gay

14 Jan 2010

Mrs Robinson: a Confessional?

I’ve prevaricated over writing this for a couple of days. When you read it, I hope you understand why. As many Blenders will know the British Commons MP and MLA Iris Robinson, and her husband Peter Robinson, also a Commons MP and Northern Ireland’s First Minister, have been implicated in

07 Jan 2010

Where’s Your Morality?

As some Blenders may know, 60-year-old Northern Irish politician Iris Robinson, a “born again” Christian widely recognised as one of the most homophobic politicians in UK politics, recently announced her retirement from politics citing mental health problems due to the stress and strain of public life. It was later revealed

17 Nov 2009

Stupid callous homophobic hateful legislation

I was just sent this via another site; thought you might all like to see it. I’ve copied down the lyrics below the fold

17 Oct 2009

Thoughts on Jan Moir & Stephen Gately.

As some Blenders may know, an article by Jan Moir was published yesterday (16/10/09) in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper infamous for its not-so-occasional forays into gutter journalism, which has caused some considerable disgust in the UK. The original headline was “There was nothing ‘natural’ about Stephen Gately’s death”,

10 Oct 2009

Calling Them Out

Every so often I see something in the news that makes me wonder if the person is really genuinely that goddamn dumb that they don’t realise that anyone with a quarter of a brain (let alone half of one) could see through their statement. Here are some of the more