05 Jul 2013

When the thieves and criminals whine, … We were just following orders

The level of cognitive disconnect and complete hypocrisy that one can read on the intertubes can be shocking at times.  Especially from thieves, liars, and criminals.  But what’s a sociopath to do?  (I truly hope future ages will look back and see the hardships and struggles the sociopaths went through

02 Jul 2013

Hawthorne Police Department scrub negative comments from the HPD Facebook after citizens protest over police killing a dog

The original story: http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/spocko/2013/07/01/man-is-arrested-for-filming-cops-then-they-shoot-his-dog/. The video links keep getting deleted from youtube, and then getting reposted so google “police kill dog” (https://www.google.ca/search?num=50&safe=off&client=firefox-a&hs=cyu&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=youtube+police+kill+dog&spell=1&sa=X&ei=TWrSUZ24PMmwiQLsuIGgBA&ved=0CC8QvwUoAA&biw=1440&bih=625).  SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! (approx 3:30, and not the 30 second clip) Man tapes police.  Man has a dog, rottweiler.  Police are apparently finishing a bust of some

01 Jul 2013

Bankers Confess to Intentional Fraud and Theft … In Ireland

Under the category of things we already knew but now we have proof, the WSWS (yup, them socialists) has a new piece entitled, Ireland: Bankers joke about their €7 billion bailout scam.  The information for this story came from the Irish Independent’s story titled: How bankers planned policy of deception

21 Sep 2012

Sarah Palin is that you? Nope just Deanna Santana of Oakland.

I believe that in a true Democracy, the politicians, elected officials, and those who serve (or are supposed to serve) the people have an inviolate and legal duty for transparency and accountability.  At least they should.  These are not optional in any way or form.  Not in the slightest.  There

14 Sep 2012

Quantitative Easing Explained and … “things”

I’ll let the cute and fuzzy bears (are they bears? dogs? you got me) do the ‘plaining: My favorite lines: “So has the Fed ever been right about anything? Let me see if I can think of anything … Nope, nothing.” “Although when you call the plumber to fix something

23 Aug 2012

Who can help “the People” by setting up a Voices of the Unemployed Website?

I look around these days, and all I see in the faces of the masses is anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.  Maybe it’s because I see in them what I see in myself.  But not too long ago I too did not see what was all around me.  I went on

14 Aug 2012

What happened to “You’ve Got to Stop Voting – by Mark E. Smith”

There was a post by … I think her name is terri (http://www.zcommunications.org/contents/187892), and she posted an article on firedoglake that was “You’ve Got to Stop Voting” by Mark E. Smith.  This was posted on yesterday or the day before.  I commented.  And when I went back there to check

10 Aug 2012

The Difference of The White Romney Vs. The Black Romney Winning

Darn it, we must support the The White Romney (TWR) or … else the pro-baby-killer, pro-high, “Blackie”, Kenyan, Socialist, Muslim will win.  And then we will all lose our guns, our freedoms, and … well our “balls” as well (the madness).  And if The Black Romney (TBR) wins, the liberals

29 Jul 2012

The Olympics, distraction for the masses.

Disclaimer: Please do not read this if you’re really looking forward to watching the Olympics, as it may be a “downer”.  Ignorance is bliss for a reason. It constantly amazes me how easy it is to distract most people from their plight.  Kate Middleton’s marriage (what’s Charles’ son’s name again?),

21 Jul 2012

They really don’t get it. [UPDATED]

Desperation is a funny thing.  It makes you do funny things.  It makes you think funny things.  You grab at whatever you can.  Even the massive load of shite that you just let go off.  But, hey maybe it will be different this time …. Maybe that abusive spouse won’t