01 Mar 2013

Late Night: Former Third-World Nation Hires Third-Rate Pundits

It almost qualifies as well-targeted advertising.

22 Feb 2013

Late Night: Who Are These Guys?

President Obama’s recent State of the Union speech was largely designed around defining wedge issues that Democrats can campaign on in 2014.

But stop for a moment, and think about how shocking that is.

08 Feb 2013

Late Night: If It’s Dubya, Can It Still Be Art?

If only because TBogg is busy, I feel slightly obligated to note today’s epically weird revelation that, thanks (or not) to a phone hacker who broke into various family email accounts, a handful of paintings by ex-president George W. Bush have been posted online.

01 Feb 2013

Late Night: Bye-Bye, Barney

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”300″ height=”225″ align=”right” !} George W. Bush was a bit of a dog as far as U.S. presidents go, but that shouldn’t be held against perhaps the most tolerable — and in at least one instance, almost admirable — member of his administration, who has just died: Laura

18 Jan 2013

Late Night: Is That All There Is?

Was all the grand-bargain paranoia misplaced? Or did Obama overestimate the GOP’s ability to stand its rhetorical ground just as much as everyone else did — with the result that he’s looking at his game of eleven-dimensional chess and wondering if he’s checkmated himself?

11 Jan 2013

Late Night: Ending a Three-Year Charade in Afghanistan

More than three years ago, I wrote here that Obama’s only real decision in Afghanistan was how to manage the United States’ inevitable defeat. Sure, he wound up announcing a “surge” of 30,000 troops, but it was clear to me that this was meant to serve the same purpose as George Bush’s similar 2007 gambit in Iraq: that is, postponing and camouflaging our surrender, rather than avoiding it.

04 Jan 2013

Late Night: In Monsanto We Trust?

Well, just a second here. I’m all in favor of being open-minded and pursuing the truth no matter where it leads, but the type of gut-instinct opposition to GMO that Lynas now decries isn’t nearly the same thing as the fiercely defiant ignorance (usually appealing to tribal resentments) we see conservatives use to rationalize otherwise indefensible policies like rejecting action on climate change — an example that Lynas uses to defend his shift in views.

28 Dec 2012

Late Night: Nothing to Be Done (Hopefully)

At first blush, President Obama’s inconclusive televised announcement this afternoon made the long-running “fiscal cliff” negotiations sound like the end of Samuel Beckett’s classic play Waiting for Godot.

21 Dec 2012

Late Night: Last-Minute Xmas Shopping

With December 25th just on the other side of the coming weekend, I suppose it’s fair to ask (for those of you who celebrate the holiday): Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done yet?

Not so fast… are you sure? Have you forgotten any of our favorite Washington, DC, political figures who, although they might be doing much better than you or me financially, might really need a particular gift this holiday season?

Here’s a partial list that I came up with, based on the news of recent days

07 Dec 2012

Late Night: Dancing on the (Debt) Ceiling

All this week, DDay has been chronicling for the daytime crowd that how to deal with the infamous fiscal cliff/slope/incline/curb/whatever — which, in the real world, remains quite unresolved — is no longer the hot issue among the Washington, DC insider set.