15 Sep 2010

S01E02: H.R. 2378, Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act

90 Second Summaries, a project of Main Street Insider. Today we summarize H.R. 2378, the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, which is being discussed in the Ways & Means Committee today and tomorrow.

14 Sep 2010

90 Second Summaries

90 Second Summaries is a project of Main Street Insider to bring you brief videos combined with one-page summaries. A quick way for folks to keep up with what’s happening on Capitol Hill.

31 Aug 2010

They Surround Us – Sum of Change Takes on the Crowd at Glenn Beck’s 828 Restoring Honor Rally in DC

We get surrounded by teabaggers at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in DC.

29 Aug 2010

Faith=No Muslims. Charity=No Government Spending. Hope=No Obama.

Videos from Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally and Al Sharpton/National Action Network’s rally/march to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech.

23 Aug 2010

Gestures, Mosques, and Peace Talks: Interview with Professor Marc Gopin

Highlight videos, partial transcripts, and the full, unedited 40-minute interview with Professor Marc Gopin, the Director of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University.

09 Aug 2010

“Alternative Internet?” Verizon CEO Says “No, it’s a Specialized Network”

Audio clip from conference call with Google and Verizon CEO’s, speaking about new “specialized networks” for companies to deliver content.

02 Aug 2010

How We Will Fix This: Undoing Citizens United Part 3

Video highlights from the Netroots Nation panel, Undoing Citizens United: A Comprehensive Plan to Prevent Corporations from Buying Elections.

27 Jul 2010

Maj. Neill Franklin: Marijuana Policy at Netroots Nation

Major Neill Franklin, the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, talks with us about the panel on marijuana policy at Netroots Nation, California’s Proposition 19, and the prohibition of cannabis.

24 Jul 2010

ICE Checkpoint @ Netroots Nation…

ICE agents surprise Netroots Nation attendees with a checkpoint to search for illegal European immigrants.

24 Jun 2010

Human Rights Campaign Healthcare Equality Index 2010

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