02 Jan 2011

Prop 8-Loving Pastor Tom Daniels Arrested On Child Molestation Charges

  http://www.queerty.com/prop-8-loving-pastor-tom-daniels-arrested-on-child-molestation-charges-20110102/  Remind me again Peter LaBarbera, Bill James, Paul Cameron, Robert Knight, Louis Gohmert, Bob Marshal, Matt Barber, Bill Spencer, and last, but not least, Tony Perkins, who is it, heterosexuals or non-heterosexuals, who are more likely to be sexual predators and child molestors. I'll accept absolute numbers or

13 Dec 2010

A Sub-Culture Friendly Genderplayful Fashion Marketplace

I'm embarassed that this came up on The Steempunk Worksop A WEEK AGO, but it only came to my attention today.  YouTuber Sarah Dopp has a proposal running over on http://genderfork.com/ for a sort of eBay/Etsy/mutual fashion society for gender non-conforming individuals, specificly, one which caters to any and all

26 Nov 2010

Transgendered man, Kye Allums plays on the GWU women’s basketball team

http://www.fenuxe.com/2010/11/15/transgender-man-plays-for-gwu-womens-basketball-team/ The player formerly known as “Kay-Kay” has made official his status as the team's “big brother” by coming out as trans and thrown the world of college sports into yet another unwarranted tizzy. According to NCAA regulations, a player may be considered any gender they have documentation for, but

26 Nov 2010

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22 Nov 2010

Possible solution to states which forbid same-sex marriage… e-marriage.

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/11/22/sex-couple-uses-virtual-wedding-bypass-texas-marriage-law/   The legality of the so-called e-marriage is tricky and wouldn't work in every state that recognizes same-sex marriages. Such long-distance weddings, over Skype or over the phone, have traditionally been accepted for military couples when the bride or groom is overseas. Only four states explicitly allow what is

19 Nov 2010

Conning women into letting you cop a feel = practicing medicine without a license in Idaho

http://www.kval.com/news/offbeat/108979974.html BOISE, Idaho – Authorities say a Boise, Idaho woman has been arrested after she apparently told females she was a doctor and then performed breast exams at several local bars.   Seems pretty simple, cut and dried to me.Someone portrayed themselves to be plastic surgeons in order to get

07 Nov 2010

TV Tropes self-censoring for Google Ad revenue.

And what are they censoring? Well, on the one hand, nothing. Everything is still availble. Only thing is, somethings are only going to be available behind a warning-wall, warnings that somethings discussed on TV Tropes aren't “family-friendly”. And what particular tropes aren't family-friendly, you might ask? Has Two Mommies: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HasTwoMommies

27 Aug 2010

Arming Laramie

I'm sure all you Blenders are familiar with who and what Pink Pistols are, but for those not familiar, they are the LGBT-centric firearms rights special intrest group. Their slogan/motto/saying is “Armed Gays don't get Bashed.” I, myself, am an unofficial Pink Pistol, being on the mailing list, at least

24 Aug 2010

Texas school rejects 4-year-old over lesbian parents

From CNN‘s Texas school rejects 4-year-old over lesbian parents: — A private religious school in Texas has denied admission to the daughter of a lesbian couple who wanted to enroll the child in preschool, citing its "clear teaching of the Christian faith" for the refusal. St. Vincent's School as a

30 Apr 2010

Gay Social Networking iPhone App used for gaybashing/murder

From the Phoenix Times via Gizmodo comes a story of a man using the Gay Social Networking iPhone App to make a date with man and then murder him. A Murderous Gay iPhone App, or: How to Stoke Homophobes and Luddites With a Single Crime Story Oddly, while the paper