12 Oct 2009

What’s wrong in Austin?

I can’t help but sigh from desperate frustration when I read this story.  As a former student at the University of Texas and a former resident of Austin, Texas, this story makes me cringe: Albert “Leslie” Cochran – Austin’s homeless, thong-clad local celebrity – was found in a semi-vegetative state

09 Sep 2009

A speech tonight and before

Not that I mean to over-wrench this, but I think it's time we remind ourselves (and our leaders) where we were just a few months ago.  Click and watch.  It's worth it now just as much as it was then. I almost that I wish that this was this was

19 Mar 2009

Anti-gay screed by local Texas GOP official proves that Republicans love teh gheys

The sad-sack Log Cabin Republicans are never going to learn that their political party of choice will never accept them.  Case in point:  a local GOP official in Dallas, Texas sent an unhinged and rambling response to the local LCRs after receiving an invitation to a debate they were prepping

27 Feb 2009

Justice delayed: 37-year old murder of gay man coming to trial

An east Texas man has been ordered to stand trial for the 37-year old murder of a gay man in San Diego, California. Gerald Dean Metcalf was arrested Oct. 14 in Texas in connection with the 1971 slaying of Gerald Jackson, 27, a Vietnam veteran who worked as a U.S.

28 Dec 2008

Politico’s hit-piece parade [with tiny update]

(Small update:  Josh Marshall over at TPM has added a touch of his own snark as well.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who read through this terrible headline.  –sput) And the honorary grand marshal is Carol E. Lee, who, according to her short bio from Politico, “… was

18 Dec 2008

Pivotal Austin, Texas transgendered figure found dead

Very, very sad news from the city of Austin, Texas.  The enigmatic, unique, and altogether eclectic transgendered & homeless Jennifer Gale was found dead earlier today in her beloved home city. Jennifer Gale, one of Austin’s most colorful characters and perennial political candidates, has been found dead in Central Austin,

04 Dec 2008

Justice for young boy killed while at gun show

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the death of an 8 year old boy as the result of a self-inflicted gun wound from an uzi.  He was firing the gun while several adults, including his father, stood by. Justice is being served for this too-young victim of senselessness.  Today,

03 Dec 2008

Prop 8 … The musical!

Now this is f’ing funny.

20 Nov 2008

Slash of Guns N Roses comes out in favor of gay marriage

Talk about an odd endorsement.  But we love him and his wife for their support.

16 Nov 2008


Due to budget constraints, it seems the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is having issues with too many critters wandering around.  Around 33,000 wild horses roam freely in 10 western states, but the body governed by the Department of the Interior (one of the largest victims of Republicans’ military spending