01 Aug 2011

A Colossal Blunder

What we have been and still are witnessing is a frenzied, breathless, totally opaque, antidemocratic, stage-managed spectacle between the House and Senate leadership and the White House — designed to not only achieve preordained results, but as importantly, designed to confuse and overwhelm the American people. The labyrinthine, marathon, back

27 Jul 2011

Reid Plan vs. Boehner Plan – the choice between “bad and worse” – choose neither

Despite Obama’s repeated calls for “shared sacrifice,” i.e., significant tax increases on the wealthy, coupled with spending cuts — what we are left to choose from are two plans — the Reid and Boehner plans — that, while they significantly cut discretionary government programs needed by the poor and middle-class,

08 Dec 2010

No tax cuts for the wealthy. Use TARP funds to “bail out” the American people.

The Rethugs will get their tax-cut extension for the wealthy, unless progressives can come up with an altenative funding source for middle-class tax cuts, unemployment comp extensions ,  and other middle-class tax cuts, including extensions for ninety-niners. Using TARP monies and noncommitted stimulus funds might be a way to get around

23 Oct 2010

Fannie Mae’s (and the Banks’) Incentive to Foreclose Rather than Modify Homeowners’ Mortgages

In spite of HAMP, there have been very few permanent mortgage modifications. Fannie(and the banks) have an incentive to foreclose, rather than modify mortgages.

06 Oct 2010

Obama’s BP Oil-Spill Commision – Government Untruthful

The Obama administration continued to understimate both the size of the oil-spill in the Gulf; and after the oil-blowoutwas contained the underestimated the amount of oil that remained ithe gulf and surrounding environs

01 Oct 2010

Nobel-Prize Winner Stiglitz; a Massive New Stimulus; and Consequent Potential Problems

Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz argues that the US should/must inject a massive new stimulus to the flailing US economy in order to spur growth and bring down the totally unacceptable unemployment rate. Using the post-WW II period as an example of how a massive war debt was successfully reduced by the buoyant post-war economic growth of the US economy. Stiglitz contends that a new stimulus, although it would add to an already massive multi-trillion dollar US deficit, can also be significantly reduced by a subsequent period of rapid economic growth induced by a new stimulus.

25 Sep 2010

The “Fierce Advocate” in the Struggle for the Full Civil Rights of the GLBT Community

It is not the president; or other elected officials who have been “fierce advocates” for GLBT issues, it is the gay community itself, who has been its own fiercest advocate.

13 Sep 2010

The Parallels of Brooksley Born and Elizabeth Warren

Brooksley Born headed the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.
Elizabeth Warren may head the new Consumers Protection Agency. They both had to deal with a powerful opposition connected to the financial sector.

10 Sep 2010

Conservative Economics of the Republicans; Neoliberalism of the Democrats!

Compare/Contrast Republican Conservative Economics with the Democrats Neoliberalism