16 Feb 2009

Tactics and Strategy, What’s the Difference?

There is lots of talk about strategy and tactics, but it is easy to mix them up. This dairy try’s to show the difference between the two.

13 Feb 2009

Friday Constitutional 11 – 1st and 2nd Amendments

This is the eleventh installment in a series taking a layman’s look at the United States Constitution.

12 Feb 2009

Campaigning 101 – Image and Fund Raising.

Part 3 of a continuing series about the nuts and bolts basics of being a candidate.

09 Feb 2009

R.I.P. Dad, The Long Goodbye

When someone dies you start saying goodbye, but it is a much longer process than most think.

06 Feb 2009

Friday Constitutional – Articles 5, 6 and 7

The 10th in the series taking a layman’s look a the US Constitution. This installment has the last three articles of the Constitution.

05 Feb 2009

The Cocktail Weenie Strategy or How to Build for the Long Run

While the Wednesday night cocktail hour at the White House might seem frivolous, it is likely part of a long term strategy by the President.

30 Jan 2009

Friday Constitutional 9 – Article 4 Relationships Between The States

The ninth in a series that takes a layman’s look at the Constitution of the United States.

28 Jan 2009

Republicans Were For Him, Before They Were Against Him

In a stunning lack of vision the RNC is going to vote a resolution rebuking the former President for his growing of the Federal Government. It is just another example that in the Republican Party conservatism never fails, only people do.

27 Jan 2009

The Death Of The Republican Party, Too Late?

The Republican Party is quickly becoming a regional one, mainly due to its instance on unswerving loyalty to Conservative principals. That is their problem, but ours is will it happen fast enough to leave the US intact?

26 Jan 2009

Paralyzed By The Enormity Of It All.

The news can make us feel that our actions are not going to be even close to enough, but we can not stop trying.