10 Oct 2012

LIVESTREAM: Community Forum on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid With Tim Kaine and George Allen

Join us for a Community Forum on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid with Tim Kaine and George Allen live from Fairfax, Virginia.

20 Aug 2012

Social Security News Update 8-17-12

New weekly feature: August 17, 2012 – Social Security News Social Security Works communications director Don Owens takes us through the stories of the week, including Social Security’s 77th Birthday and Vice President Joe Biden’s guarantee that “Social Security will not be changed.”

16 May 2012

VIDEO: Sen. Sanders Speaks Out Against Pete Peterson’s Fiscal Summit

Yesterday we livestreamed a gathering of groups representing middle class families holding a discussion on national budget outside of Pete Peterson’s elite Fiscal Summit. Below are videos from the action held directly in front of Pete Peterson’s invite-only elite Fiscal Summit (Ryan Grim published a must-read analysis of Peterson’s influence in

15 May 2012

LIVESTREAM: Sen. Sanders Speaks Out Against Pete Peterson’s Fiscal Summit

Groups representing middle class families to hold discussion on national budget outside Pete Peterson’s elite gathering WATCH SENATOR SANDERS LIVE STARTING AT 1:30PM ET On May 15, Sen. Bernie Sanders will join with citizen groups to protest the Peter G. Peterson “Fiscal Summit” where elite power brokers including House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan

29 Oct 2011


Written By Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson The 1% is using the super-secret Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (a.k.a. the Super Committee), to reach directly into the pockets of the 99% and steal hundreds of billions of dollars from them. This committee has unprecedented power. It has been meeting

24 Oct 2011

Social Security Works’ Alex Lawson Talks Supercommittee Stupidity on C-Span

I had a great opportunity to talk about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the supercommittee on C-Span on Sunday. My favorite part was talking to the callers who, representing the views of the majority of Americans (PDF),  were against any sort of cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. From

08 Sep 2011

Super Committee LIVE!

Please leave any ideas for questions to ask supercommittee members in the comments below, if I don’t get to them this time I will try again at their next meeting.

You can also call Senator Murray and Rep. Hensarling to demand they broadcast all meetings, not just the opening statements and canned speeches. Click here for phone numbers and a script.