17 Nov 2010

But I want a pat down!

I'm a fairly frequent flyer who has been subjected to my fair share of TSA indignities.  As much as I'd like to refuse the full-body scans and pat downs, I'm also not in a financial position that I can risk losing my job for being detained by TSA and missing

26 Aug 2010

Some thoughts on Ken Mehlman

JoeMyGod provoked a storm of responses with a very simple post this morning. Let's talk about forgiveness. Given the context it was clearly a reference to Ken Mehlman's coming out.  Comments ranged from “string him up” to a fabulous historical reference to Henry IV begging the pope's forgiveness at Canossa.

15 Jun 2009

An organized response to Obama’s failure on GLBT rights

Pam's post on HRC's letter to President Obama asks a critical question:  “What happens next if the President thumbs his nose at this letter?” The question really got me thinking.  What options are left to us when our purported friends and allies ignore an appeal to common decency? Because it's