08 Apr 2011

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month; Sharing My Survival

HUGE Trigger Warning!!! This account can be very very triggering for my fellow rape survivors, so I will include a long jump here. Please don't read this is you think an account of a brutal series of rapes will upset you badly. I've shared my story on my own blog

08 Apr 2011

An Enemy Defects

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon Those of you who regularly read this blog know of my run-ins with National Organization For Marriage spokesman Louis J. Marinelli. For a refresher course, go here, here, here, here, and here. Well now I can finally happily say Louis has learned his lesson. I

06 Apr 2011

The Threesome That Killed Mister Allen

(I was re-reading some of my old blog posts this morning and discussing them with some friends. One suggested I repost THIS one here. I'm not sure why, but I'm doing so. So meh, it isn't as if I expect anyone is clamouring to know what finally made me live

22 Mar 2011

Graphic; States That Allow Same-Sex Marriage Vs Those That Allow First Cousin Marriage

Tell me this doesn't make you want to both gag in disgust and yet break out in fits of sad maniacal laughter at the hypocrisy of it all?

17 Mar 2011

Hello ABC? Welcome to MY World!

And my lifetime of nasty painful dehumanizing complications that resulted from my being “corrected” at birth. In response to ABC News, let me tell you MY story about the results of “correcting” an intersexed child. (I posted this originally as a comment reply to Autumn's story about this, but I'm

14 Feb 2011

This Diary Is Posted Very Reluctantly. (Ignore)

My mom decided to be stubborn and bought us groceries, please disregard the prior request, the help is no longer needed.

12 Feb 2011

Because Porno Pete Is All About Being Open and Honest

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon I'm guessing poor Porno Petey, AKA Peter LaBarbera of Americans for lying through their teeth about gays Truth About Homosexualty, was getting tired of us nasty mean ole GLBT folks like Joe Sudbay, Jeremy Hooper and Wayne Besen & Evan Hurst using HIS OWN WORDS

09 Feb 2011

Dealing With Classic Derailing When Teaching About Trans Lives

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon For the past two weeks I've been all over the damned net trying to maintain my temper while dealing with a very depressingly high concentration of white middle to upper class gay men posting comments on various websites in reply to articles or blogs about

09 Jan 2011

The Flip Side of Isms

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon As a woman who is mixed race, overweight, intersex, and a lesbian, I've had to put up with all the major ism's and bigotries we all know and love. (Snrk). Racism, sexism, fatphobia, ageism from teenagers who think anyone over 30 is useless, homophobia, transphobia,

07 Jan 2011

Regarding Autumn Versus Ashley on the Main Page

My comment replying to Autumn's piece today about a trans activist got so long-winded I decided I'll post it here as a diary, mostly because I believe I make some very valid points, however uncomfortable or unpopular they might be, and that they need to be said out loud. Also,