10 Nov 2012

With “Progressives” Like These

  So the election is over, and as predicted the President won reelection handily.  The electoral college victory President Obama won over Romney was an open hand slap to Mitt’s campaign and after looking at some of the other election numbers; a rebuke of CONservative principles and a tolling of

09 Jun 2012

800 lb Up-Armored Gorilla (in Wisconsin and probably YOUR hometown)

‘one day, all them bags, gon’ get in your way’ – Erykah Badu Here is something you likely haven’t heard in the news.  Here is something that you may have thought about, and then thought better of, or thought about and then rejected it, put it out of your mind…and

17 May 2012

Scorched Earth Doctrine (the untraveled road)

  Kiss Progress Goodbye With great sadness I must find the current political system in the U.S. severely wanting and utterly  incapable of making, maintaining or improving any positive legislation or institutions.  At this juncture, the political infrastructure in the U.S. is capable only of responding to the wants and whims of

06 May 2012

National Jobs Guarantee *Sign the Petition*

  “…Such nations, however, are so miserably poor that, from mere want, they are frequently reduced, or, at least, think themselves reduced, to the necessity sometimes of directly destroying, and sometimes of abandoning their infants, their old people, and those afflicted with lingering diseases, to perish with hunger, or to

14 Apr 2012

A vote for Pres Obama…!

  Catchy title huh?  Looks like some crap you will find over at dailykos or huffpo. Thanks to Mr. Alan Maki for providing with me with a shot of inspirational outrage to write this short diary.  I just learned that communists are supporting Pres Obama! Lol!  As usual his post was  informative,

07 Apr 2012

The Racket

  Racket – 4.  a dishonest scheme, trick, business, activity, etc I often refer to the Republican Party as an organized crime syndicate, I believe it to be an entirely fair description of their activities both legal and illegal and of the trademark dishonesty that underpins about 98% of their

31 Mar 2012

Milestones, and Dreams in the midst of Reality

  Life is often measured and evaluated through what we refer to as milestones.  If you see life as a journey in the metaphorical sense, then the milestone is a marker, an indicator of distance between one place in life and another.  For practical purposes, all a milestone really is

16 Mar 2012

Stupid Racists F@!ng up America (& the world) for the rest of us.

  I’m tired of this sH&.t.  Tired. Tired. Tired. Tired of the knock out combination of ignorance and racism that has been f#cking up the lives of every single person that has lived in the U.S. since the country was a colony and belonged to Native Americans. Are you familiar

25 Feb 2012

Picture Gets Clearer

  What a Wonderful Class War You Have There Coming to a town near you: On the education front, the push to produce more uneducated and impoverished children is going according to plan.  Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel is putting the finishing touches on wiping out several Chicago schools as we

20 Feb 2012

Help Combat Deficit Fear Mongering

The deficit fear mongers were out in full force last week.  The Obama Administration’s 2012 Budget is no where near progressive, and yet the CONservatives and NeoLiberals were out trying to scare the hell out of everyone about the Natl ‘Debt’. The fact is that deficit fear mongering works because