13 Mar 2015

Google wants (us?) to live forever

“Don’t be evil” was the formal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google Wikipedia “The famous Google mantra of ‘Don’t be evil’ is not entirely what it seems.” “Evil is what Sergey [Brin] says is evil.” Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Google “If you ask me today, is it possible

07 Mar 2015

Binyamin Netanyahu is Sheldon Adelson’s puppet

Adelson and Netanyahu There is a lot of talk about Binyamin Netanyahu these days, but Bibi is just a figurehead, the real operator in this whole story is the American casino billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, who is going about proving beyond any reasonable doubt (if anybody still doubted it) that the

28 Feb 2015

That’s a nice Silicon Valley you’ve got there, shame if something happened to it

Make them an offer they can’t refuse                               The Google Self-Driving Car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for autonomous cars, mainly electric cars. The software powering Google’s cars is called Google Chauffeur. (…)The

17 Feb 2015

21st Century Populism: the New “Us” Against the Same Old “Them”

Mark Bittman published a very important article last week in the New York Times, entitled, “What is the Purpose of Society?”.  Important, because in just a few words he gets to the very heart of political action. He begins with the most basic problem imaginable: food: The world of food

03 Feb 2015

A European “Red Spring”?

Podemos Demonstration – Puerta del Sol, Madrid, 1-31 If it was conventional wisdom that a bunch of unelected bankers looking out for rich people were the reason everyone was out of work, politicians would be forced toexplain to angry voters why we had this crazy system and might actually consider

10 Jan 2015

Like 9-11, the Paris massacre is not about “Us”

Just as in the aftermath of 9-11, the endless commentary following the Charlie Hebdo massacre all seem to be reworkings of George W. Bush’s “why do they hate us?” speech with its long list of our democratic virtues and the perpetrators’ lack of the same: They hate what they see

06 Jan 2015

Why is Saudi Arabia bringing down the price of oil?

Getting directly to the point: why is Saudi Arabia, perhaps the major contributor to the continuing fall of oil prices pumping more and more oil, while losing a huge amount of revenue in the process, apparently “cutting off their nose to spite their face”? Some say they are doing it

31 Dec 2014

2015 – I can’t breathe… Can you?

Last December in my New Year’s predictions for 2014 I wrote: My clearest reading of 2014’s tea leaves is “instability”: worldwide instability and in my opinion this instability has its origins at the heart of the most developed economies of the western world. The causes? We are undergoing a technological

21 Dec 2014

The Sony hack… (warning: pure speculation to follow)

The FBI said technical analysis of malware used in the Sony attack found links to malware that “North Korean actors” had developed and found a “significant overlap” with “other malicious cyber activity” previously linked to Pyongyang. Reuters It’s obvious that North Korea is behind the attack on Sony in retaliation

02 Dec 2014

Is Revolution Necessary… Is it Possible?

A June 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 70% of Americans hate their jobs or have “checked out” of them. Life may or may not suck any more than it did a generation ago, but our belief in “progress” has increased expectations that life should be more satisfying, resulting in mass disappointment. For