20 May 2011

The Rapture…No! It’s not a lifting injury.

I thought I’d ease the tensions for those of you living on the other side of the dateline.  I’t s almost 7:00 in the morning here.  I’ve been up since 5:15 because I wanted to video the planetary alignment before the sun came up.  It’s a beautiful morning.  Still, crisp,

02 May 2011

The Meandering Mumbles and Mutters from the Portal of Another World.

Do you remember The Twilight Zone and Outerlimits?  Probably not, and if you do you won’t admit to it because it will show your age.  You know,  somewhere between Paleolithic and Neolithic. I’m not sure what these words mean but they have something to do with fossils and that’s appropriate.  I

17 Feb 2011

Wisconsin United…Washington Democrats Please Take Notes

It’s electric.  The air is rich with ozone.  I can feel the tension from more than half way around the globe as I watch footage of protest in Madison.  It’s watching the little guy take on the bully and goddamn it I want to step and help. I know I’m

17 Feb 2011

Dear Bill, Why Do People Hate You?

Dear Bill, Why do people hate you?  No. No. Hey, this is a serious question.  Why do people hate you? Is it because you blasted your hateful rhetoric and moronic rhyme of “Tiller the Baby Killer” over and over until some weak-minded fool murdered him?  Is it because you screamed

02 Feb 2011

Cyclone Yasi – A Marxist Plot

I finish my morning bike ride and walk into our office. It’s  7:03 and it’s already hot.  I  turn off the dehumidifier and empty the water from the reservoir into a watering can and water the garden in the backyard.  Waste not.  Want not.  Although a water shortage will be

29 Jan 2011

I’m Thinking…End of January Rant

I’m thinking of getting a new door mat. One that says…”Democrat…wipe your feet here.” I’m thinking of ordering a self design t-shirt.  I would have lettering on the the front that said, “Democrat…Tread on me.” and on the back I would have, “Democrat…Don’t wait till I’m down.  Kick me now.”

28 Jan 2011

Help Stop the Hate from Rush Limbaugh

This morning I picked up a segment from the Ed Show on YouTube about Limbaugh’s racist’s tirade on the Chinese.  In short…disgusting   bigoted…hateful…brainless.  Vintage Limbaugh. California’s Senator Yee has launched a petition and a request for responsible companies to boycott their sponsorship of Limbaughotomy’s program.  His website also has