22 Mar 2011

SHAME on David E. Kelley!!!!

I honestly don't know if I am a little or a lot peeved. So I'm watching the new NBC hit show “Harry's Law.” And tonight's episode started out be another great episode. HOWEVER, the more I think about this the more pissed off I get! No, I haven't finished it,

30 Oct 2010

New “It Gets Better” video…..

……but this one isn't a part of the “It Gets Better” campaign, nor is it posted on the “It Gets Better” youtube video channel. This one comes to us via livestream. This is no ordinary video however. It is a very heartfelt, one hour, fourteen minute and fifty five second

24 Oct 2010

I can’t wait until this happens in our own country!!!!!!

Apparently the week of October 11th (the internationally recognized National Coming Out,) the Finns had a nationally televised debate on gay rights. As usual, they had the pro-gay rights side as well as their vehemently anti-gay crowd for this debate. Since this was a debate, the follow up question to

20 May 2010

After posting the Box Turtle Essay…..

….“”Conservative Christians with a ‘heart for the homosexual’ still don’t get it” I received an e-mail from an old high school "friend."  I have not edited her e-mail (she apparently doesn't know how to use paragraph breaks.) Let me preface this a bit, she is 38 years old, divorced three

08 Apr 2010

Quick, Grab the Pitchforks and Throw the Teachers in Prison…..

…..at least that is the message coming from Wisconsin District Attorney, Scott Harold Southworth. What would compel this DA to seek jail and or prison for teachers? Gasp, condoms. Yep, condoms. Apparently he has taken the moral crusade upon himself to prosecute any sex-education teachers that teach how to [gasp

07 Mar 2010

Sometimes you just have to ask, WTF?

I had recently decided to get Google e-mail news alerts regarding the Proposition 8 Marriage Trial here in California. Well, I got this article in my e-mail today. Apparently Imperial County decided to make a motion to become a defendant/intervenor in the case on December 15. What is their claim?

07 Mar 2010

We knew it was bound to happen…..

I didn't see this posted anywhere so I figured I would write a short diary) …..what you may be asking yourself? What did we know was bound to happen. Some religious groups are calling for Chief Judge Walker of the Northern California District Court to recuse himself. Why do they

05 Jan 2010

Urgent ACTION!

Honorable Judge Vaughn Walker is taking public comments as to whether to televise Perry v Schwarzenegger (the prop 8 trial being argued by Olson and Boise.) The Courage Campaign has set up a petition (link will open new window) to urge him to allow the case to be televised.

04 Jan 2010

Has Scalia absolutely lost his mind?

I just read a very short article over at the Huffington Posts headline ticker which they link to AP articles. The title of this articles is “Scalia: Varried job experieince needed on high court.” Despite his being a judge before being nominated to Supreme Court Justice, he apparently thinks that

12 Dec 2009

Houston: So Far, So Good!!!!

It looks as though Annise Parker is well on her way of being the first openly gay mayor of Houston. Full results can be seen here: http://www.chron.com/apps/ElectionPub/local.mpl?action=results&nextview=localmatrix&election_id=1047 Currently with 54% reporting Annise Parker:  62,684   52% Gene lock:        57,939   48%