28 Sep 2010

The Coming Electoral Debacle Is a Self-Inflicted Wound, Barack

Obama’s hectoring the Real Democrats — the base — is a bound-to-fail enterprise. We Real Democrats told him time and again how and where he was losing us and he ignored us. That bill is coming due.

05 Nov 2009

It’s not just “the economy”, Obama. It’s kids starving.

Kids are starving in Maine. What is Obama doing about it?

14 Jul 2009

Presented with a nice, steaming side of schadenfreude.

They say no good deed goes unpunished. I suspect that, in wingnut world, that’s the way they’re feeling today.

I’m not.

Sinclair Broadcasting, that home of wingnut propaganda TV and Swift-boating, is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

28 May 2009

Pixie Dust Works on Statutes, Too

Early in 2002, before the earliest incidences of torture (at least those we know of), Gonzo went further than any of the pixie dust we’ve seen so far. He told Bushie that Bush could pixie dust the War Crimes Act out of the way.

19 May 2009

No Limiting Principle

With a little application of logic, we find that under the praxis Deadeye and the Torture 13 applied to justify it, torture is universally available.

13 May 2009

The Pictures Won’t Lie, Which is Why We Can’t See Them

Ah, yes. The torture pictures. Anything to keep them from being seen. Even though the Government settled the case the ACLU had brought, seeking those pictures, Obama now wants to welsh on his deal.

23 Apr 2009

Don’t You People Have Real Jobs?

Emptywheel and I were having this discussion earlier. The economy sucks, job listings go nowhere, and here we are blogging rather than earning.

02 Mar 2009

Datamining Finances, the Prosecutor’s Power and the FISA Cases

We’ve been having a good discussion over at Emptywheel’s place about al-Haramin, what the Bushies left out of (or had to “correct”) in their classified submissions to the judge in that and the FISA cases, and then the discussion turned to datamining financial information. One of the commenters asked:

Datamining financial data. Could this be how they got Spitzer?

And it went from there.

01 Feb 2009

How to End the Foreclosure Crisis Now

WE can end the foreclosure crisis now. But we have to work together, and we have to do it from the bottom up. It’s time for us to go on a mortgage strike, like a rent strike, until we get the changes we want.