28 Feb 2012

Occupy Boise Court Injunction: Tents Stay, A Commons Remains, Sleep Deprivation for Now

Occupy Boise has won a partial court victory in maintaining a symbolic tent city on public property on the grounds of the old Ada County Courthouse now controlled by the State of Idaho. An Idaho Statesman news article described the General Assembly/Press Conference held at noon yesterday at the Vigil

24 Feb 2012

Occupy Boise – TRO or No? We’re in for a Cliffhanger, Folks

Occupy Boise was in federal court today, seeking a Temporary Restraining Order to protect the Vigil Site and prevent eviction by the state. Idaho Governor Butch Otter issued an edict that the Vigil Site must be vacated by 5 pm Monday. Judge Winmill was in Pocatello, on the other side

23 Feb 2012

Co-Sponsor of Bill to Evict Occupy Boise Resigns From Idaho Legislature in Disgrace

Idaho Senate Republican Caucus Chairman John McGee finally got his comeuppance yesterday. McGee was one of the proud co-sponsors of the Bill aimed at eviction of Occupy Boise protestors from the Vigil site. But an allegation of sexual harassment on top of his recent DUI conviction forced his resignation from

20 Feb 2012

Occupy Boise: Eviction Countdown, the City’s Prosecution of a Peaceful Protestor, and other General Insanity

The Idaho House Passed the final version of the Bill to Evict Occupy Boise on Friday afternoon. The Bill did not make it to Governor Butch Otter’s desk by Friday evening. It could be signed any moment. A lawsuit and Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order has been filed in

13 Feb 2012

Idaho Legislators Fear Overwhelming Support for Occupy Boise

Here’s a fast recap of events of the past couple of weeks in the assault by the Idaho legislature on the Occupy Boise Vigil site. Occupiers and the community turned out at the Senate State Affairs Committee Hearing in early February.  In three days of testimony, first two in the

28 Jan 2012

Occupy Boise: Is Idaho So Afraid of the World That We Can’t Deal With It?

All political power is inherent in the people, Article 1, Section 2, Idaho Constitution The people shall have the right to assemble in a peaceable manner, to consult for their common good; to instruct their representatives, and to petition the legislature for the redress of grievances. Article 1, Section 10,

22 Jan 2012

Go Pick Apples in Washington: An Idaho Legislator’s Solution for a Homeless Man at Occupy Boise

A hearing in the Idaho Legislature with public testimony on Representative Scott Bedke’s bill to evict the Occupy Boise Vigil from public property began at 8:30 Friday morning. Occupiers packed the hearing room. Everybody was ready to testify. The House State Affairs Committee planned to speed the bill through. But

20 Jan 2012

Power Play Against Occupy Boise Vigil Starts on Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day in Boise began with a parade, and a short celebration of diversity, in a state still struggling to escape a reputation for racism.

12 Jan 2012

Occupy Boise: Democracy Visits the Idaho Legislature

On January 9th, Occupy Boise took a message about Citizen’s United and the general scuttling of Democracy in the U. S. to the Idaho Statehouse. It was the day of Idaho Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter’s State of the State address. This marks the official start of the Idaho Legislature

07 Jan 2012

The Spiders of Wall Street: Threads of History Run Through Occupy Boise

A Big Old Tent There is a great big old tent on the west side of the Occupy Boise encampment. On one of my first visits to Occupy Boise, I wandered by an old tent that had just been set up as a dank gray November dusk settled in. The