10 Mar 2014

One last chance to STOP FRACKING in FLORIDA

my letter to the EPA representative Mr. McManus, EPA   I have been an environmental activist since I read Ms. Rachel Carson back in the 1960s. I remember when the idea of a day to celebrate and protect the Earth, was considered a radical idea.   It was President Nixon,

03 Sep 2013

a rhetorical flourish?

Fellow Progressives  to the Progressive Caucus – Gentlewomen and Gentlemen, Representatives I ask you to consider how the Tea Party approaches their party leaders, when you speak with President Obama tomorrow. You will be given the hard pitch. That America would lose face if we didn’t BLOW PEOPLE UP in

23 May 2013

Cultural Clash

We live in a time of the clash of cultures. Tectonic plates of culture are shifting and it’s not just in America. British laws have changed too, now the first born of the royal blood can ascend the throne even if that child is a daughter.  American values are evolving.

17 May 2013

This IRS thing doesn’t pass the smell test.

Qui bono? The MSM Story starts – “The IRS apologizes?” Then jumps to crocodile tear-ville how UNFAIR – to target groups, because they had “Tea Party” or “PATRIOT” in their name, why its almost COMMUNISTIC! Then the small minds get out the knives and start carving up democrats. I wondered

12 Apr 2013

Mr O’Donnell please!

LAST NIGHT on his Program “THE LAST WORD” Mr. O’Donnell offered a spirited defense, of the Presidents’ heartless betrayal of Social Security recipients. Many of us who White House staffers have in the past called “THE PROFESSIONAL LEFT” disagree heartily with Mr. Lawrence (one more rich guy) assessment for why

07 Oct 2012

Drone Boomarang coming …RIGHT-back

a wagging good tail by Rick Spisak Now five long years after the Chinese Democratic Uprising and the West Coast Drone attacks continue. Everyone now knows the story that when Chinese dissidents were joined by expatriate Tibetans and large segments of tech-savvy disaffected Indian Youths mounted a serious challenge and

22 Apr 2012

NO – Silly Tbagger, Progressives are not Columnists

Is Progressivism the New Communism? R.W. Spisak Jr. When the schoolyard bully tries to pick a fight, first he tries name calling. Progressives from the beginning supported the overthrow of monarchies, they fought and died for democratic self government. Progressives opposed slavery, and supported women’s right to vote. If you

20 Dec 2011

Jebby resurfaces… the stench remains the same.

Like a burp of ill-smelling undigested fast food, Jebby places his “stink-foot” back in the public discourse. [Surprised? Not this writer] I will quote excerpts from his WSJ OpEd: Jebby: “Have we lost faith in the free-market system of entrepreneurial capitalism? Are we no longer willing to place our trust

16 Oct 2011

Obama on the Ramparts

  She arrives very early, the streets still dark. Security waves her through, surprised at her early arrival. Madame Secretary isn’t accustomed to these early hours, Bill had pointed out that she’d forgotten to apply her lipstick. Her staff had scrambled so she was “assembled and delivered” in time for

26 Sep 2011

Where else ya gonna go – NOT ME!

I will not support GOP-lite. I will not support a candidate or a party that uses “progressive” talking points as a means to insure a corporatist wolf, can be elected with a real mandate to establish universal single payer, restore the rule of law, and put an end to lawless