10 Jul 2014

Remember When Fox News Wasn’t a Right-wing News Channel? Neither Do I

A dozen years ago, as the U.S. was pulled into war in Iraq by President George W. Bush, Fox News was not just any television network. It proudly blared the White House’s lies coming with singular warmongering fervor. Remember? The terrorists had ties to Iraq. Saddam wanted the bomb. Saddam

27 Mar 2014

It’s Time for Transparency in U.S. Drone Strikes

  By Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Robert Greenwald Three years ago last week, a U.S. drone strike hit the small town of Datta Khel in Pakistan. Local business owners and leaders were in the midst of a two-day tribal council meeting, called to address a dispute regarding a chromite

19 Jun 2013

Message from Pakistan: Our tribe’s leadership wiped out, over 40 civilians killed by your drones

In the fall of last year I traveled to Pakistan. Reports of civilian drone casualties were beginning to permeate through American news outlets, prompting myself, and Brave New Foundation, to launch a full-length documentary investigation into the claims coming out of the tribal regions. In interview after interview I heard

27 Mar 2013

This Easter, Religious Leaders Join Forces to Denounce U.S. Drone Policy

Today, Brave New Foundation released a short video documenting religious leaders coming out against the use of Just War Theory to defend President Obama’s drone policy. Franciscan Friar Joe Nangle said it well: “How can we hold our heads high when remote-controlled, killer aircraft like drones are raining death and

25 Oct 2012

This DEA Agent Went To Mexico To Beat The Drug Cartels. It Didn’t Turn Out Well.

Co-authored by Jesse Lava Sean Dunagan went to Monterrey, Mexico, to crack down on drugs. As an intelligence analyst for the Drug Enforcement Administration, he wanted to bring down the cartels and other trafficking organizations. He brought his family with him because Monterrey seemed like a peaceful, vibrant place to

22 Oct 2012

This Is It: America Needs to Hear Obama, Romney Talk About Drone Strikes in Last Debate

Co-authored by John Amick If the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee – and a member of Congress – claims unfamiliarity with possibly the major plank of U.S. drone policy, as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did last week when asked about President Obama’s “kill list” of those open for assassination based on

16 Oct 2012

Koch Brothers: We’re Victims

Co-authored by Jesse Lava In the wake of Mitt Romney’s griping that 47% of the country is mooching off rich folks like him, Charles and David Koch are now suggesting that they, too, are victims. The billionaire Koch brothers and their aptly-named political strategist Rich Fink spoke publicly about the

05 Oct 2012

It’s Long Past Time to Admit: The Military Solution in Afghanistan Has Failed

Co-authored by John Amick Sunday, October 7, marks the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan war, now the longest war in U.S. history. This date provides an opportunity to take stock of what a tragic calamity this war is over a decade after its start, and to examine, once again, why military solutions

12 Sep 2012

Voters Beware: Koch Brothers are Billion-Dollar Hypocrites

The Koch brothers have surprised many of us with a newfound penchant for the public spotlight, yet one can’t help but wonder whether it’s all just a public relations effort to soften the perception of their political machinations. Perhaps in an ongoing effort to appear less…evil?…the Koch brothers have just

30 Aug 2012

Meet the industry that makes the Koch brothers look poor (VIDEO)

Co-authored by Jesse Lava When will the United States start thinking beyond bars? This nation is now spending over $200 billion a year on a justice system that locks up more people than any country on earth. We have more prisoners than China. More than Russia. More than anyone. This