25 Jul 2009

Questions: Marriage Equality in Washington State

As the “Everything-but-Marriage” Referendum hangs in the ballance, I was reading an On Top article that mentioned the bill's vote in the legislature. “The Democratic-controlled House passed the bill dubbed the “everything but marriage” bill by the media in April along a mostly party-line vote of 62 to 35. Senators

26 Jun 2009

Wisconsin Passes Domestic Partnerships!!!!

I can't seem to get EXPLICIT confirmation of this yet. Domestic Partnerships originally passed as a part of the budget in both the House and Senate. They had to go to a comittee of conference. I've never heard from any source and site following this nor extensive news searches that

24 Jun 2009

Delaware Passes Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Act

Congratulations and celebration are in order, fresh off the heels of the victory with the North Carolina anti-bullying bill. The Delaware legislature (after a four hour debate in the Senate) has just passed a bill to protect minorities (including gays and lesbians) and people with disabilities from discrimination in housing,