05 Nov 2010

Why Should Anyone Care about Roy Williams?

As much as I am the consummate sports nut, there are those moments in time, where real people are doing what they can to enact real change, even if every one else just wants to just watch a dang basketball game. [Ed. note: Tickets to Visualizing Human Rights 3 are

02 Nov 2010

You Wanna Help or Just Moan and Groan?

What more can I say?

28 Dec 2007

Late Nite FDL – Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want, by Vienna Teng. Somehow it seems appropriate tonight.

28 Nov 2007

Late Late Nite FDL: Brrrlak

A little Zap Mama seemed appropriate. What are you listening to tonight?

27 Nov 2007

Late Late Nite FDL: Teach Me Tonight

As the therapod heads toward new stomping grounds, here’s a little something to send him on his way.


20 Jul 2007

Late Nite Continues

Here’s a little something to carry us through the night.