28 Jul 2013

The Last (?) Pro-Bradley Manning Demonstration

The crowd started out as a fairly modest gathering (ultimately grew to 110 people). The wall and buildings in back of us are part of Fort McNair, where Major General Buchanan, who will make the final decision on Bradley Manning, is staying. If the decision is a good one and

25 Mar 2013

Ten years ago. The Iraq War in retrospect.

From WHYY Public Media. One of Philadelphia’s Gold Star Mothers, Celeste Zappala, was interviewed by WHYY on Tuesday, the 19th of March and the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Zappala lost her son Sherwood Baker in 2004. He was the first National Guard member to lose

22 Feb 2013

Wouldn’t say “Great” Minds Think Alike, but certainly “Some” Minds Think Alike

Two right-wingers have come to the same conclusion at the same time. Ted Nugent, the aging one-hit wonder of the late 1970s and really, really enthusiastic gun advocate, tells us about black people voting for the Democratic Party: The truth is that the Democratic Party has been the engineer of

14 Jan 2013

Bold, fresh ideas from Republicans

Columnist, former speechwriter for the elder George Bush and frequent talk-show guest Peggy Noonan urges conservatives “Now’s the time to put a dagger ‘tween their teeth, wave a sword, grab a rope and swing aboard the enemy’s galleon. Take the president’s issues, steal them–they never belonged to him, they’re yours!”

31 Jul 2012

Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law

What is going on with PAs voter ID law? What is the real purpose of the law? Is voter fraud really a legitimate concern? Going through the comments on the Inky’s website (The Philadelphia Inquirer puts comment sections after most articles, the section after the Letters to the Editor is,

06 Jul 2012

Occupy Philly – July 4th Weekend

Occupiers gathered into discussion circles in Franklin Square Park. Although the original idea was that they would be camped around the Liberty Bell, this the park was only two blocks away. No tents were permitted, but sleeping there on the ground was okay. Yeah, it was pretty hot. The water

13 Jun 2012

Missile Defense and NAFTA, Old issues revisited

This has to be the least surprising news I’ve seen in awhile. Star Wars/ABM/Missile Defense is worthless! Na-a-awwww! Re-e-eally?!?!? Gee, who’d a thunk it? I did a paper on this back in college during the late 1980s, concluding that, yes, “shooting down a bullet with a bullet” can be done,

26 May 2012

A liberal commentator on CNN

You can tell that I’m conditioned by certain sights and phrases. I looked at a blog post and saw a photo of an attractive woman on CNN who questioned Tony Perkins (The post accurately identified Perkins as the “SPLC-certified hate group leader”) and immediately thought “Aw yeesh! How his this

25 Mar 2012

Can we Occupy the budget debate? The Congressional Progressive Caucus actually has a good proposal on the table, but the chattering class and the press corps are fixated on Representative Ryan’s plan, which doesn’t meet any criteria of reasonableness or rationality. But it does meet the criteria of “austerity,” the

14 Nov 2011

Occupy Philadelphia & Occupy Wall Street march in solidarity

On the evening of Sunday the 13th of November, marchers from Occupy Wall Street (OWS) joined up with members of Occupy Philadelphia (OP) to collaborate in a night-time march. The OWS people were on their way to Washington DC to make it clear that “We are the 99%!” As I’ve