26 Aug 2014

Persisting in obtusely addressing as Indians witnesses from US government agencies, Priceless

It’s hard out here for a voter in Florida’s 19th Congressional District (Tampa/Ft. Meyers) First they awoke one morning last year to learn that their landslide elected (62%) first term representative, Trey Radel (late of talk radio–are you listening, Rush?) had been caught buying coke from a snitch in a

23 Aug 2014

Mexican kids, world’s luckiest!

Mexican children, unlike their unfortunate neighbors from slightly to the south, are apparently to be envied for the secure and loving bosom  in which their enlightened country envelops them. Notwithstanding the depravity of Mexican narco traffickers, who will not hesitate to decorate the public square with the heads of those

16 Aug 2014

Hobby Lobby: A huge gift to the left. Who’s your Daddy?

It has become a commonplace observation amongst historians of the interface between politics and jurisprudence that the enunciation of Roe v Wade, as much as it brought immediate relief from unwanted pregnancy to hundreds of thousands of women, had the perverse effect of truncating the slow but inexorable progress of

07 May 2014

First, they came for the dogcatchers …

With apologies for in any way reprising those tasteless jokes which reference the alleged paucity of stray dogs in areas abutting budget-priced Chinese restaurants, I offer for the canny investor a convenient metric by which to know in advance that global warming’s grip on the throat of humanity has inexorably

07 Apr 2014

Chris Christie:”You don’t have a noose big enough for my fat neck…”

Paul Fishman, US Attorney for New Jersey and therefor man tasked with sorting out the sundry Christie-gate's that have entertained us since the Fort Lee lane closure kerfuffle, was seen shopping at Morty's Big and Tall, in the company of David Wildstein, former caporegime for the man whose mob nickname

31 Mar 2014

Mother guilty of felony poverty-loses kids, goes to jail

Faced with the policy conundrum that is posed by the choice of directing public funds towards free childcare or prison for mom and institutionalization for kids, Arizona makes the predictable and catastrophic choice. Most of you will have heard the devastatingly sad story of Shanesha Taylor, an unemployed and homeless

26 Mar 2014

Rahm was right (??!!!) Economic recovery should have come first

Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20.   We on the left who despise Rahm Emmanuel for his corporatist roots, his dismissive attitude towards the grass roots and his cramped and limited vision of political struggle, used to inveigh, inter alia, against his reported advice that health care reform should have

25 Mar 2014

Hey, Prez (you worthless pig)…Stop the rapes!

Perhaps I misconstrue the words "Commander-in-Chief", but I swear before Jesus that English is my native tongue, and the whole title is only three words long.   As I am sure you all know, the suprisingly hard-charging junior Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, recently hit a stone wall in the

24 Mar 2014

Why Hobby Lobby will probably win, and why it should.

Let's call this the Peyoteros revenge, or "unintended consequences bite", shall we.   Now, I am, of course, appalled (as would any right thinking person be) that the societal benefits of co-payment free birth control and insurance coverage for medical advice about the same) should be undercut by a law

21 Mar 2014

One Supreme Court seat turns it all around.

Assume, arguendo, that the Dems hold the Senate in 2014.   As now, the House remains, by virtue of crass gerrymander, out of reach of democratic pressure, with no visible hope of redress until the 2020 redistricting, if then.   Must we accept, then, utter and complete stagnation until the