15 Sep 2012

A Great Clergy Voice for Choice Is Gone

In the abortion wars that have played out in the last 40+ years, there has hardly been a more impressive voice for choice than Rev. Howard Moody who died on Wednesday at age 91. In this day and age, when we think of clergy or churches in the same thought

04 Nov 2011

After 14 Years I’m canceling my Working Assets Credit Card

No, this is not a gripe with Working Assets exactly. I applied for their card many years ago in the days when I signed up for their long distance service. It was a way to give money I ordinarily would have to spend to an organization that supported progressive causes

10 Oct 2011

Inside/Outside Occupy Philly

It’s hard to know where to begin in talking about what I witnessed and what I felt today when I went into downtown Philly today with Mr. Rev. to see with my own eyes and listen with my ears and my heart to what is happening here and all over

07 Nov 2009

Time for us to Take the Pledge

We asked the progressives to take the pledge to not vote for a bill that doesn’t have a strong public option. I’ve got news for them and a new pledge—not for them, for us.
If the final bill has Stupak in it, no more votes, no more volunteering, no more money for any of them.

02 Sep 2009

Jane Was Part of My Sermon on Sunday

Jane’s story about being comforted as an eight year old by Teddy Kennedy’s words after her father was urged to find a different church resulting in their moving from Attleboro, MA to Seattle touched me. Parishioners unhappy about their minister taking bold stands is something that most of us in “the business” understand. Though I’m now living in PA, Teddy was my senator for at least 20 years and I couldn’t do just business as usual on my first Sunday back in the pulpit from my summer break. So Teddy and Health Care were on the menu.

I usually begin with a reading or two. All that I said follows (some of it you certainly have already read or heard, but it all goes together so I reapeat it) :

14 Aug 2009

Trust Me says Scrapple and Part 2 Admiral Joe

Arlen wants us to trust him because Joe Biden does and Ed Rendell Does

13 Aug 2009

Liveblog from Netroots Nation

Starting with LGBT panel—Julia Rosen, Pam Spaulding, Michael Wilson, Monique Hoeflinger

01 Jun 2009

My Four Days in Wichita

It was the summer of 2001. The Operation Rescue people were back with a new name. The play book was the same but it didn’t quite work. I learned a lot about Dr. Tiller’s clinic that week and a lot about who was on which side.

27 May 2009

Dilemma – The Sestak/Specter Problem: We Can’t Fall in Love This Time

While most here have no love for Snarlin’ Arlen, aka Scrapple, it’s hard to get revved up for Joe because of FISA. We here at FDL love a good fight against the evil doers, but will find it hard to get really stoked on this one—I think.

04 May 2009

Calling all PA folks re: Sestak v. Scrapple (formerly known as Haggis)

A couple of years ago Pachacutec and some of the FDL folks tried to get us organized—as organized as firepups can be—in our states and regions. We had googlegroups set up for 44 of the 50 states and there was a goodly list of folks living in PA. Personally I think we need to find one another again.