20 Jan 2010

‘Protect Mawwiage’ Twitter Feed

Found over at Joe.My.God: http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2010/01/protect-mawwiage.html As if the courtroom itself didn't have enough intended hilarity (“These surveys were self-reporting?” “All surveys are self-reporting. It's how we do research.”), some rascals have set up a twitter feed that parodies, perhaps accurately, what is really going on in the minds of the

17 Dec 2009

A project- help appreciated

Hey, Blenders.  As part of my high school AP Government class, we're doing a study on Interest Groups and PACs, something I have come to know very intimately. We're to create a PAC/Interest Group of our own with various objectives and goals and we need to present this stuff (powerpoint)

11 Nov 2009

An essay, ‘A Modern Injustice’

Aside from running until I'm out of breath, when I feel frustrated about a particular topic, I choose to write about it. My teachers tell me I'm pretty good at writing, so it's good practice. About a week ago I was busy seething over the outcome in Maine and the

29 Oct 2009


23 Oct 2009

A sad WA story of freakish planetary alignments

I will admit that, personally, DADT was always of less importance to me than the other steps for gay rights. I've been more concerned with R-71 and NO on 1 and ENDA and DOMA. This sort of thing applies to several other bills too- it's not that I don't want

14 Oct 2009

Federal judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit seeking to overturn Prop 8

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge in San Francisco has refused to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to overturn California's same-sex marriage ban. U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker also signaled Wednesday that the measure's sponsors will need to show that allowing gay couples to wed threatens traditional male-female unions.

12 Oct 2009

National Coming Out Day, for those curious

Awhile ago we had a thread about National Coming Out Day, not uncoincidentally coinciding with the National Equality March, and some of us decided we'd like to do some closet-door-smashing at the time. Naturally, you guys were great. I was surprised at how much support I got in such a

09 Oct 2009

Anti-R71 PAC filed in Washington. Is this what we saw coming?

 Just in from The Stranger The scenario that gay-rights advocates had feared may be coming true. Vote Reject R-71, a political action committee, registered with the state's Public Disclosure Commission yesterday to campaign against Referendum 71, thereby attempting to repeal the state's domestic-partnership law. (Read the filing paperwork here: .pdf.)

01 Oct 2009

DC councilman to introduce gay marriage bill

 Found over at 365gay.com, from the Associated Press: “A Washington, D.C., councilman says he'll introduce a bill next week to allow same-sex couples to wed. D.C. Councilman David Catania says he plans to introduce the bill Tuesday. Same-sex marriages performed in states that allow them are already recognized in the

23 Sep 2009

Homosexuality in schools- or not?

I've noticed in my past three years of High School education that, by and large, homosexuality is invisible. Homosexuals themselves may not be, but the topic of same-sex relationships and the condition that is homosexuality is by-and-large ignored. Of course, I know the reason for this- the Christian Right, ever