29 May 2013

Igor’s Opinion of Walt and Leopold (Sacre Bleu!)

  May 29 is the actual centenary of the scandalous premiere of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps, and before the day is out (if I can post this in time), I’d like to offer a modest coda to Edward Teller’s superb diary on the work. One thing ET didn’t mention

26 Dec 2011

Merry Cuffmas!

” Following the long Thanksgiving weekend, people working in the lower Manhattan district called Hudson Square returned to find a new twist on traditional holiday street decorations. In lieu of lights, weatherproof wreaths, and the like,  the neighborhood business improvement association commissioned an art installation called Flaming Cactus, in which

24 Dec 2011

Saturday Sonorities: O Magnum Mysterium

I was going to expropriate the heading Saturday Chorale, but I see that markfromireland is hardly done with it himself. In any event, I’d like to link the the Lake to three extremely diverse choral settings of the Christmas responsorial chant O magnum mysterium. They’re standards of choral repertoires worldwide,

14 May 2011

In Case You Were Wondering Who Counts as an “Obama Critic”

From a front-page item in today’s New York Times, by John Broder: President Obama, facing voter anger over high gasoline prices and complaints from Republicans and business leaders that his policies are restricting the development of domestic energy resources, announced on Saturday that he was taking several steps to speed

08 Mar 2011

Consortiumnews.com: Battling the Memory Hole Since 1995

An appeal for love to Robert Parry’s consortiumnews.com.

01 Jun 2010

The NYT on the Flotilla Massacre: When Good Editorials Start Off Really, Really Bad

It’s 2:30 am, and I’ve captured a grab of the mostly spot-on NYT editorial on the flotilla massacre, because its lede is so outrageously wrong I suspect (and hope) it will evaporate by dawn…

22 May 2010

The Other Gift to Biopharma in the Health Reform Bill, Besides the Eshoo/Hagan Amendment

Did you know that the “Affordable Care Act” provides for $1 billion in apparently strings-free grants to biopharma companies? Yeah, neither did I.

05 May 2010

Stop the Presses! Bill Clinton Is Craven and George Bush Is Inarticulate!

The keynote discussion Tuesday between George Bush and Bill Clinton at the Biotechnology Industry Organization convention was closed to media: a call for pirate recordings.

01 Apr 2010

Two Disparate Examples of Genuine Journalism

Quick recommendations on 1) a Military Times multipart series on the overuse of psychatric meds in the military and 2) a BBC interview with the mayor of Jerusalem featuring questions never, ever asked by American journalists.

10 Mar 2010

The Public Option and the Wheelbarrow Parable: Kip Sullivan’s Latest Must-Read

Kip Sullivan is essential reading for those who wish not to forget that the public option movement has been a case study in skilled cooptation of well-intentioned progressive groups and impulses. This post highlights his latest contribution.