28 May 2008

Tony and Phineas

The following is cross-posted from Mark Kleiman’s blog –and my thanks to Mark for his editing contribution If a regular commenter on European Affairs for one of the news networks were found to have addressed a meeting and, un-ironically, praised the “heroism and sacrifice” of Horst Wessel, he’d be smart

14 Mar 2008

“Orwellian” — I hate to say so, but…

[This is a cross-post, with some editing, of a comment I made at THE CARPETBAGGER REPORT.  The initial quote referred to Penn’s statement that ‘Obama could not win the general election.’] Later, a reporter asks what he meant. Clinton campaign communications chief Howard Wolfson jumps in to say that “Mark

11 Mar 2008

No, he (JMcC) can’t (win)

I have criticized the Clinton campaign for, in effect, supporting McCain over Obama.  I would join in the criticism of Ferraro’s idiocy, and would, at least in part, join in rejecting the recent temper losses by Obama surrogates.  They are unseemly, they make us look like a bunch of Republicans

04 Mar 2008

Over the Edge — Hillary is no longer supportable as a Democrat

Campaigns can have hard fighting, even to the point of ‘pushing the envelope.’  And until now, her supporters have even been able to justify her ‘Rovian’ tactics as ‘practice for what obama will get in the General election.’  Okay, its borderline, but a case can be made for it. But