01 Feb 2012

Countering Komen’s BS: Letters to the foundation

After reading TBogg’s blog today on the Komen sellout, my friend Pedinska wrote a letter to Susan G Komen For the Cure to express her outrage. The non-response response from the foundation and Pedinska’s counter-response get straight to the heart of the problem. Will Planned Parenthood be the next ACORN?

26 Oct 2011

Glennzilla vs. the Three-Headed Corruptah

Glennzilla is fighting the good fight with his latest book, With Liberty and Justice for Some. In anticipation of the Hollywood adaptation, a poster:

20 Sep 2011

Jackass 4.0: The Obama Generation

MTV presents the latest version of the popular show, Jackass, this time starring members of the Obama administration, including such luminaries as Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Vice President Joe “Boney Ass” Biden, Senior Advisor David Axelrod, The Great Eleven-Dimensional Chess Leader and Bait and Switch Operator, hanger-on and court

31 Aug 2011

David and Goliath 2011 AD

Dan Choi will triumph against barbarian overreach.

25 Aug 2011

Cheney’s Glorious Self-Image

There is no end to the macho imaginings of the chickenhawks.

18 Aug 2011

Rock n Rollers: Krugman and The Firebaggers

Now opening for Smiley and West’s Poverty Tour!

Bandmembers Gosztola, Hamsher, Dayen, and Krugman.
Krugman and the Firebaggers

12 Aug 2011

Game of Thrones politics: Obama kills the New Deal

Big Money watches with glee. Congress pretends concern. War Profiteers know they won’t be touched. Obama does their bidding. The people watch in horror. WINTER IS COMING.

06 Aug 2011

And lo! The clouds part, and the Confidence Fairy appears

And he turns out to be just as competent and trustworthy as Geithner and the gang.