15 Jan 2012

On Learning of Huntsman’s Withdrawal

Who do you suppose put the horse’s head in Johnny Huntsman’s daddy’s bed?

07 Aug 2011

An Argument Can Be Made …

A local Fargo ND newspaper “reporter” recites that phrase today as part of a cautionary opinion piece about the local union which has been locked out of work at American Crystal Sugar … in the spirit of the reporter’s educating us rubes who didn’t come by way of the Rust Belt or the Big Oil/Bible Belt, I have a few arguments that also can be made.

Yep. An argument can be made that the moon is made of green cheese.

19 Jul 2011

I Pledge Allegiance…?

Allegiance to whom, Republican Congresscritters? Grover Norquist and his pledge? Or the American people and the American Constitution? It’s a simple choice. And it is a choice. So which is it?

10 Jun 2011

Jobs Crisis

No, I do not care about Sarah Palin’s emails.
I do not care about Anthony Weiner’s penis.

I care about jobs.

14 May 2011

Muscular Liberalism

That heading’s a phrase I heard a Brit politician use on the occasion of the first anniversary of the coalition government. Looking forward to when our American politicians start thinking … and legislating … that way. crossposted at Prairie Sun Rising

04 Apr 2011

Launch Monday

Questions: How much delay in the Mideast democracy movement was because of Bush’s willful invasion and botched strategy for after in Iraq?
When will the old media start looking at the botched economy Pawlenty left behind in Minnesota? Must we wait for the historians?

29 Mar 2011

“I Refused to Allow a Massacre….”

Now if he were just talking about the GOP war on America’s middle class and workers and the jobless and the seniors and the children’s education here in America, too.

25 Mar 2011

Judgement at Concordia

John Dower…discussed the parallels in “shock and awe” tactics and the strategic imbecility of having no backup plan…after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, after America invaded Iraq.

19 Mar 2011

RIP Warren Christopher

Homegrown North Dakota. A citizen who moved on while doing us proud.
Rest in peace, Warren Christopher

06 Mar 2011

Hey, John Boehner

Remember those schoolkids you get too teared-up to visit?
They’re living in poverty these days….