15 Mar 2015

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Actually, I should ask, “Who let the poodles out?” The Brits ran amok over the weekend, after their yankee-shattering announcement that the UK has joined the Chinese-led investment bank, AIIB. For those who haven’t been following the hysterical paranoia of the US (ie. the Ukraine clusterfuck) over the rise of

30 Jan 2015

My Big Fat Greek Debt

Alexis Tsipras is the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece since 26 January 2015. One of the young leftwing radicals of the Syriza party, Alexis Tsipras is sweeping away the age of austerity. He made good on his promises to voters in a startling fashion: One by one they were

06 Jan 2015

Francois Hollande to drop Russian sanctions. Says Putin “doesn’t want to annex eastern Ukraine.”

When did Hollande wake up and smell the espresso? Putin has been saying that from day one, interview after interview. He said that Ukraine was an economic basket case and Russia had already thrown $30 billion down Ukraine’s black hole over the past 24 months. What had been on the

26 Oct 2013

Most Americans will get Obamacare at their drugstore. And, for the rest, there’s been a breakthrough

Months ago, the major drugstore chains of the US announced that there were joining with the Federal Government to help their customers around the nation to get signed up for “ObamaScare.” Computer shopping isn’t ubiquitous — and it is merely ONE approach to retail sales. That’s why the Federal Government

13 Sep 2013

Foreign Policy Magazine “Leaks” UN Report on Syrian Chemical Warfare

In one of the most pathetic and desperate non-stories I’ve recently read, Foreign Policy published an article pretending that they have scooped the upcoming UN Report. And, they go on to tell us what it reveals: U.N. inspectors have collected a “wealth” of evidence on the use of nerve agents

16 Jan 2010

All Your Base Are Belong to the 700 Club

Just a little Pat Robertson reprise. A walk down the Christian Coalition’s Memory Lane. “Main screen turn on…. How are you gentlemen?”

14 Jan 2010

Watching Failed-State Health Care Reform, as it Happens

Regardless of where you stand politically or ideologically on Health Care Reform — the underlying fundamentals of the developing Bill will cause it to fail before it begins. It’s not personal, it’s the math.