08 Jul 2009

Massachusetts Files Suit Against Federal DOMA

After 5 years of marriage equality, the state of MA has sued the federal government over the requirement that their state must discriminate, written into law as the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.  http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2009/07/mass_to_challen.html  At 2pm EST, the Attorney General of the state of MA will be answering questions about

23 Apr 2009

Action alert: New Hampshire

If you are a Granite Stater, the time to make that call and send that email to your Senator is NOW. Marriage and anti-discrimination bills have passed the House and need to be passed from Senate Judiciary to the Senate floor. Your contacts will make a difference!  http://bluehampshire.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=7080 

22 Feb 2009

Compromising on Civil Unions to get ‘something

As many of you know, I've been waiting for someone to get on the national stage with this idiotic idea so I could get out the big bat. This open letter to Jonathan Raush, whom I once respected, is a start: Jonathan, You apparently think that because you're gay and

28 Jan 2009

NM domestic partnership bill LIVE

If you are looking forward to battling the ADF in your state (HI, NY, anyone else), this would be valuable to listen to.  http://kunm.org/   the link is the first thing, live debate. 

27 Jan 2008

NM’s ‘gay marriage’ problem: A Blender Brain Trust alert

As you all know, I'm a tireless advocate for legal equality for our families, which means access to marriage. An interesting problem has emerged in Nuevo Mexico, now that the legislature is in session and our Governor is back at work. The domestic partnership bill which passed the state House

30 Mar 2007

New Mexico’s DP bill is dead, as far as we know

New Mexico’s domestic partnership bill is dead. Like the zombies of late-night horror that we recall from childhoods before cable was invented–remember the VHF channel that ran ‘It Came From the Deep’ at 11pm, inviting you to scare the bejesus out of yourself?–it had to be killed three times and